Top Movie-themed Chocolate Bars for Any Avid Moviegoer

Take some of the most classic and iconic films of the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s and place them over a personalised Chocolate bar, that is the idea behind what “MysteryMonkeyGifts” sell and they are not only tasty treats, but the movie themed chocolate bars are actually quite funny…


Top 10 Funny Movie Themed Chocolate Bars
Flakes on a plane

10 – Snakes on a Plane

With this first chocolate bar (With the swear words blanked out) you do start to get a taste of what we are going to be looking at. They are all chocolate themed and linked with their films or characters somehow. So snakes on a plane, becomes flakes on a plane. Get it now?

Top 10 Funny Movie Themed Chocolate Bars
The Bourneville Identity

9 – The Bourne Identity

Poor Jason Bourne. Not only does he not really know who he is, but he is also the end of many a joke much like in the chocolate bar. All of these are not exactly what you think they are inside. Like this one is not Dark Bourneville chocolate, they are all just 100g bars of milk chocolate.

Top 10 Funny Movie Themed Chocolate Bars
The Matwix

8 –The Matrix

My personal favourite because I love the bar, but not top of the list because the Matrix was not for everyone. But a chocolate bar themed in the style of the matrix might well be a different matter.

Top 10 Funny Movie Themed Chocolate Bars
Twirl Harbour

7 – Pearl Harbour

I was not sure what to call these unique gifts. Are they art? Or are they nothing more than novelty gifts? I would like to think they are like owning a little bit of art because each one is handmade (well the cover of the chocolate is anyway.)

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Top 10 Funny Movie Themed Chocolate Bars
Hans Rolo

6 – Hands Solo

It is a real shame that the titles don;t match the chocolate inside. So these would be a pack of Rolos for example. But let us face it, owning an original piece of Star Wars themed art is going to cost a bomb, so maybe this is the only way I will ever own any.

Top 10 Funny Movie Themed Chocolate Bars

5 – Frodo Baggins

Fairy milk! Well it made me smile anyway. This would have been a real winner if it was on an actual Feeddo! But that would have been rather small and not much of a unique gift.

Top 10 Funny Movie Themed Chocolate Bars
Kindergarten Choc

4 – Kindergarten Cop

This was probably one of the most talked films in the ’90s. It showed that Arnie might, in fact, be rather good at comedy. But it also makes for a rather amusing chocolate bar.

Top 10 Funny Movie Themed Chocolate Bars
Choc Gut

3 – Top Gun

If ever there was an iconic film of the 80’s it is Tom Cruise on Top Gun. Featuring planes, and romance it was a chick flick and a lads film all rolled into one and still very much-loved today much like chocolate.

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Top 10 Funny Movie Themed Chocolate Bars
Get your ass to Mars Bar

2 – Total Recall

This is made from one of the films sayings rather than the actual film title, but from what I can remember the new film with Colin Farrell it was not featured in the new film, only the old one. It seems they just don’t make em like they used to.

Top 10 Funny Movie Themed Chocolate Bars
Diet Hard

1 – Die Hard

If you don’t recognise this film instantly then where do you hide each Christmas time? Every year this is rolled out like an old family member that is half drunk, but happy to entertain people for a while. Much like the chocolate bar that fun is often short-lived.

Author: Gus Barge

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