Ten Animals on Swings Enjoying a Little Playtime

As a child, I was much more of a fan of the playground swing more than any other playground equipment. That feeling of trusting your legs in the air to get that extra little bit of height was almost like flying. But us humans are not the only ones who seem to love a good swing as you can see by these other animals having some playground fun…



Top 10 Images of Animals on Swings
Bear on a swing

10 – Bear

We start this post with what looks like some sort of circus bear taking 5 minutes from his busy performance to have swing. Sure you can look at this from the case of animal cruelty, but you can also see it as a bear having 5 minutes of fun.

Top 10 Images of Animals on Swings
Hamster on a Swing

9 – Hamster

You could never accuse me or indeed this blog of not bringing you enough super cute images.  Not only is this hamster cute looking, but it also seems to be rather enjoying its swing, or maybe that is just the face of fear.

Top 10 Images of Animals on Swings
Cat in a Swing

8 – Cat

While it is not necessarily the cat on the swing rather being held by the child on a swing by the child, it is the look of contentment on the cat’s face that tells me this is not a scene of the child tormenting the cat, as the cat is clearly enjoying the rocking motion as most of us probably do children.

Top 10 Images of Animals on Swings
Goat on Swing

7 – Goat

I think I might just found the evillest looking goat on a tyre swing that you are ever going to see. Maybe the goat is trying to warn other people away from using it or maybe he just plans to eat it like goats normally do.

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Top 10 Images of Animals on Swings
Donkey on a Swing

6 – Donkey

Admit it, of all the animals you thought you would see in this list, a donkey on a swing would not have been one of those. But that is exactly what we have here, a small donkey foal resting on seat swing. I am sure there is a hidden motivational message of some sorts here.

Top 10 Images of Animals on Swings
Rabbit on a Swing

5 – Rabbit

Ok, so technically the rabbit isn’t actually on the swing on it so rather being held by its owner, but hey! Its still cute and it’s a rabbit on a swing, and I bet that rabbit can do some epic jump off’s as well.

Top 10 Images of Animals on Swings
Chicken on a Swing

4 – Chicken

If this doesn’t shock you nothing will. This is actually a product image for a chicken’s swing.   It turns out that chicken actually likes swinging back and forth! It seems that even I learn something new from making these silly posts.

Top 10 Images of Animals on Swings
Panda on a Swing

3 – Panda

I was hoping to get a picture of a Chinese panda in a swing,  but what I wasn’t expecting was to find an image of a mummy panda enjoying the swing while clearly the baby panda is not allowed to enjoy it!

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Top 10 Images of Animals on Swings
Duck on a Swing

2 – Duck

I am sure there is a joke here about knowing that the playground is flooded if there is a duck in the swing. But there is one thing I don’t necessarily get about this image if the idea of a playground swing is to create the illusion of flight why doesn’t the duck just fly?

Top 10 Images of Animals on Swings
Dog on a Swing

1 – Dog

I challenge you to find any cuter image than a bulldog (I might be wrong about the breed there)  enjoying a child’s swing, it even has its feet thrust out as if it’s doing it itself! seriously if this doesn’t make you smile not a lot will.

Author: Gus Barge

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