Ten Great Pictures of Video Game Street Art Us Gamers Will Enjoy

Over the months of doing these art themed posts, we have seen some amazing things. From things made with recycled CD’s to some incredible crop art. But as I look back on them all I start to see a pattern forming, almost all styles of art have at some point been inspired by Videogames! So with that in mind, I think we need to take a look at some amazing art that is directly inspired by Videogames and see if it is just as good…



Super Metroid Inspired Street Art
Super Metroid Inspired Street Art

10 – Super Metroid

Samus Aren looks great anyway, but as street art she is something else. Made by the artist Allen Hampton you can see why Video games play such a large part in Street Art.

Q-Bert Inspired Street Art

9 – Q-Bert

There are many, many street artists out there who are just not old enough to know who this is in the first place! But this top 10 goes to show that people of all ages can appreciate it as there will be something from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and onwards.

HALO Inspired Street Art

8 – HALO

The Master Chief never looked so good! And this modern day Video game street art once again shows that age is nothing when it comes to art, there will be something inspired by the things you loved, you just have to remember what you loved in the first place!

Dr Mario Inspired Street Art

7 – Dr Mario

Most of you reading this will not be old enough to remember Dr Mario, it was kind of like Mario does Tetris, but it doesn’t matter how old you are this street are would still bring a smile to your face.

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Rayman Inspired Street Art

6 – Rayman

Rayman is one of those games that is practically already a work of art in the first place! With vibrant colours, cool backgrounds and vivid characters it makes for some amazing art indeed.

Gameboy Inspired Street Art

5 – Game Boy

Sometimes it is not just the games that have inspired the street artist, it is the games consoles themselves that stick in their memories and I am sure that the Game Boy here is fondly remembered by a lot of people.

Street Fighter Inspired Street Art

4 – Street Fighter

So who would win in a fight against Ryu and Muhammad Ali? Well, I am sure that the picture tells the true result but then again all street art is about the power of the imagination.

Pac-man Inspired Street Art

3 – Pacman

Everyone loves Pacman right! Well even if you didn’t like the games you might well know who he is and this Zebra crossing that has been art attacked looks great, even if there is an argument that Pacman ate balls, not lines.

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Megaman Inspired Street Art

2 – Megaman

He was a classic Videogame character in the 80’s and early 90’s and so people have been inspired by those said games,  and this amazing Megaman Street art made by ‘Sight’ ‘Wyspr’ and ‘Hone’ is on the streets of Canada and well worth trying to find.

Super Mario Inspired Street Art

1 –  Super Mario

This top 10 was always going to end with Mario because he as influenced so many people! And this amazing Mario wall mural in Russia does nothing less than making me smile and nostalgic from memories of playing the game, and that for me is the best kind of art form.

Author: Gus Barge

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