Ten Creative Pizza Designs Any Nerd Would Love to Eat

I love my little boy I really do, but all he eats is pizza, pizza, pizza, sometimes it makes me wonder if he will end up looking like one! But I suppose I should be grateful as he does seem to try a variety of flavours and styles of pizza so it’s not that bad. So that brings us nicely to today’s post as I think my little boy would love this lot…



Top 10 Nerdy and Creative Pizza Designs
Super Mario Mushroom Style Pizza

10 – Super Mario

There are a few things to bug me about this pizza. Number one is that is that I could have been a lot better in design, but to be fair you do get the general image that it is a mushroom from Super Mario. But my real gripe about this pizza is that it’s not a mushroom pizza! It would have been much more logical to make it from cheese and mushrooms.

Top 10 Nerdy and Creative Pizza Designs
Angry Bird Style Pizza

9 – Angry Bird

He is a nerdy question for you: Do you think we can blame the death of angry birds on the flappy bird? Well who knows, what I do know is that this absolutely massive pizza has a very well designed angry bird on it using all the different ingredients including a large mushroom belly. And by the looks of it, this is one bird you can eat and still remain a vegetarian.

Top 10 Nerdy and Creative Pizza Designs
Pokemon Ball Style Pizza

8 – Poké Ball

While this Pokemon ball style pizza is not gonna win any design awards, it is beautiful in its simplicity. With a cheese bottom, pepperoni top and black olives adding further to the overall design it is deadly simple to make and perfect for any fan of the Pokemon world.

Top 10 Nerdy and Creative Pizza Designs
Tri-Force Style Pizza

7 – Tri-Force

While it is relatively simple in design tri-force style legend of Zelda pizza is a great idea for anyone having a Nintendo themed party. With pepperoni shaped bits on a basic cheese pizza, it is one that most of us should be able to copy and replicate ourselves.

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Top 10 Nerdy and Creative Pizza Designs
Millennium Falcon Style Pizza

6 – Millennium Falcon

When it comes to making pizza in any style other than the basic round shape I suppose it is not that hard to do. After all, you don’t make pizza in a round pan, so you can just make any shape and style that you wanted to, and that is exactly what this pizza chef has done while making this Millenium Falcon style snack fest.

Top 10 Nerdy and Creative Pizza Designs
Dalek Style Pizza

5 – Dalek

There was always going to be one Dr Who style pizza in this list, but this is definitely one of the good ones. Featuring a basic pepperoni and cheese pizza it is simple in taste, but deadly complicated in design. Whoever made this is a real pizza chef master.

Top 10 Nerdy and Creative Pizza Designs
Ironman Style Pizza

4 – Ironman

I loved this Ironman pizza I really do. The great design and the colours perfectly match Ironmans. But my biggest beef about this pizza is that the power core appears to be a slice of raw onion! Call me picky but I’m sure they could have made it with something else that was at least edible.

Top 10 Nerdy and Creative Pizza Designs
Superman Style Pizza

3 – Superman

Who says that pizzas have to be round? As you can see appreciates really do work well particularly with this Superman logo style pizza. I suppose the only gripe you could have with it is that the edges of the pizza guy hanging off the plate, and the chances of getting hold of a Superman logo shaped plate are not that great.

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Top 10 Nerdy and Creative Pizza Designs
Darth Vader Style Pizza

2 – Darth Vader

In yet another star wars themed pizza we get to see Darth Vader form of peers to be made from olives and mushrooms. I don’t think the dark lord would approve because while it is a great design I think the lack of meat will not meet the dark side approval.

Top 10 Nerdy and Creative Pizza Designs
Mortal Kombat Style Pizza

1 – Mortal Kombat

This pizza has been around on the Internet for as long as I can remember but it is still one of the best designs you’re ever gonna see. Featuring the Mortal Kombat dragon logo done in a cheese and tomato style pizza it’s simple, elegant, nerdy and just about everything I could ever wish for about a pizza.

Author: Gus Barge

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