Top 10 Of The Worlds Most Amazing and Unusual Aquariums

I am one of those people who can sit down and watch a fish tank/aquarium for hours on end. The countless hours inside Sea-Life centres looking at all the amazing sea life just swimming around and going about their daily lives. But what brings us here today is a very special breed of people who love watching fish far, far more than me. So much in fact that they have decided to incorporate aquariums in the most unusual places I ever thought I would see. It brings me great pleasure to bring you…

Top 10 Unusual Aquariums

BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Amazing Facts About Fish

Aquarium Inside a Coffee Table
Aquarium Inside a Coffee Table

10 – Inside a coffee table! There are some amazing coffee tables out there that I would love to own and have in my front living room.

FACT: Fish might well be cold-blooded, but because their internal body temperature changes as the surrounding temperature of the water changes, they have been known to reach near warm-blooded temperatures as well! Cold fish, hot fish and just about right fish.

Aquarium Inside a Bookcase
Aquarium Inside a Bookcase

9 – Bookcase! What I really like about this one is that it’s not rocket science, the maker just has a normal fish tank and they have clearly built an entire bookcase around it!

FACT: Electric eels have been known to discharge up to 550 volts! They use this shock tactic to catch food, but also as a deadly defence tactic to escape.

Aquarium Inside an old TV
Aquarium Inside an old TV

8 – Old TV There is a little touch of genius in these, as it is not only cool looking but also a great use of an older TV set that has blown and no longer in use!

FACT: Arowana fish have been seen and studied to have the ability to jump out of the water to catch prey such as insects, birds, and bats at heights of up to 20ft!

Aquarium Inside an old cupboard
Aquarium Inside an old cupboard

7 – Door! OK, OK it is not actually inside the door. But it does give the illusion of it! And this old storage cupboard turned into an aquarium is a great idea especially when you use an old external door.

FACT: More species of fish are found in the Amazon River than all the rest of the fish found in rivers, lakes, oceans and stream in all of Europe! That is one very active river.

Aquariums Inside Office Desk
Aquariums Inside Office Desk

6 – Office Desk Nothing more says “CEO” than an office desk that is also a rather impressive aquarium! Although I have to say that it might well distract me from my work!

FACT: The female seahorse transfers the eggs to the male’s pouch, where they are incubated until birth, but this is not the only species in the world to do this as some fish have been known to do it as well.

Aquarium Inside Sofa
Aquarium Inside Sofa

5 – Sofa While it is very, very impressive this sofa / aquarium might not be the most comfortable thing you have ever sat on, with its hard edges I just get that feeling.

FACT: The largest fish in the world is, in fact, the whale shark which can grow up to a very scary 41 feet long! Might need a bigger tank for one of those!

Aquarium Inside Fireplace
Aquarium Inside Fireplace

4 – Mantelpiece What better way to cover that boring old mantelpiece than to wrap an entire aquarium around it! Not only stunning to look at, but it also creates a real illusion on depth.

FACT: The male banggai cardinalfish incubates the eggs in his mouth and continues to hold the young within his mouth cavity after hatching to further protect them. But while the coast is clear they don’t hold them in there, they spit them out!

Aquarium Inside Overhead bed
Aquarium Inside Overhead bed

3 – Overhead Bedside Cabinet. WOW! That is just about the only thing I can say whenever I look at it!

FACT: The Australia grunter fish is so named because it emits an audible grunting sound when handled out of the water. Wouldn’t you if you lived underwater!?!

Aquarium Inside Sink
Aquarium Inside Sink

2 – Bathroom sink It just doesn’t get any better than this stunning aquarium that is built inside a bathroom sink! Who says I have everything on my blog except the kitchen sink?

FACT: Feather blennies lay their eggs in empty oyster shells, but that is not the only amazing thing about these highly territorial predators as they are also known to use their strong jaws to snap up and eat small fish and crabs making them a very deadly predator.

Aquarium Inside Toilet
Aquarium Inside Toilet

1 – Toilet I promise you! I really do like to look at aquariums, but this one that is built inside a toilet is going too far.

FACT: Remember finding Nemo? Well, he had a leader, because in a group of clownfish there is a strict dominance hierarchy. The largest and most aggressive female is often the leader of the whole group. Maybe it was Nemo’s mum!

196 thoughts on “Top 10 Of The Worlds Most Amazing and Unusual Aquariums”

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  4. Some great fish tanks here Russell!

    The biggest ones probably cost a medium fortune to build, but I think they would be worth the money (if, in fact, I had the money). And the best fish are salt-water ones, so that increases the price of the aquariums on top of everything else.

    We had a moderately sized aquarium when I was a teenager, and it had 3 very small sharks in it. We also had 4 fish that loved to eat the algae that grew on the walls of the tank.

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  6. Well I still think it sounds amazing, and I would have loved to had seen it. You have to admit that not many people can lay claim to owning a shark no matter how big it was!

  7. Unfortunately not; I was probably 10 when he died. I know what you’re probably thinking “Shark! Razor teeth, man eating giant..” They were about 6 inches at their biggest.

  8. We had a massive fish tank as kids with a shark each. It is very relaxing to watch. Yes most of these would be a small fortune to acquire! I’d love the bed or bookcase one. The tv is a great way to use the tvs that no one will take off your hands if you pay them.

  9. The bed is just stunning! I have always said that one of the features of my millionaire’s mansion (purchased once someone in Hollywood decides to pick my book up for a movie deal, of course 😉 ) would be a marine tank that runs through the house via interconnecting tubes, with feature spaces in each of the major rooms 🙂

  10. I love so many of these aquariums! If I only had the money for a coffee table aquarium! 😀 My boyfriend thinks I’m very silly when it comes to aquariums.

    Also! Thank you for following Me! It is always much appreciated!


  11. Love the bedroom furniture – although not sure I could sleep with the constant hum of filter pumps – but, honestly, my first thought when I saw the toilet one was, “What happens when you flush?”
    LOL 🙂

  12. PS I wrote a wee secret joke on my post today for you. Click on the first photo and read the note. “Corn on the cob” hee hee!

  13. Thank you so much for visiting me today. I have had great fun on my tour of your blog. You are one clever human! You have also planted a seed inside of my doggy brain: I will now insist that my humans add an aquarium to our home (at doggy-eye level) for my amusement!

  14. Lucky you,too,Rd ^ – ^ a dog would be a very good and loyal friend than ever !

    I bought the King Kamfa when he was abt 2 weeks-old , and yes , he is charming ^ – ^

    Try to bring back a fighting fish,RD, it doesn’t need so much care and time from its human ^ – ^ Then you may take your time caring for your family and enjoy the mini aquarium friend as well !

  15. Lol because I’m ridiculous like that. And I honestly think it’s really cool. It’s already a place that holds water, so it’s almost like a see through back. Thank goodness it’s not the bottom though. Those poor fish probably don’t want to see what’s coming out!

  16. No, sadly none for me just a dog as a pet. But I have to say I Googled “King Kamfa” and it looks amazing you are very lucky indeed. And the fighting fish is nothing short of awesome.

  17. Yes , I had 3 tanks ^ – ^

    the biggest one was for my Flowerhorn – a King Kamfa ,

    the smaller tank is a green aquarium with many plants and a big school of fish in different species : guppies (3-4 kinds of them), neon tetra, mollies, swordtail,2 albino cory catfish (to clean the tank ^ v ^ ) and 2 kinds that I don’t know the english name, one is like a black feather <—kind of aggressive so I moved him to the pond in my garden, the last one is 100% crystal clear, you may even see the bones of it!

    and the smallest tank is for my white crown tail betta (also known as the Siamese Fighting Fish)

    That's all I had , how abt you, RD , do you have any aquarium at your place 🙂 ?

  18. Decided to push myself to follow my dreams now. So I’m now football coaching a group of under 12s and gaining my badges to go with it. Hopefully then i’ll be doing a course in Analysis and then i’ll be on my way back to where i want to be. But who knows, guess its what keeps life fun.

  19. when I worked in advertising the gag was that the bigger the fishtank in reception the deeper the financial trouble the company was in. So a CEO desk? Sell the shares now!
    BTW sorry to be pedantic, but you can’t qualify the word ‘unique.’ Something is unique or it isn’t. It can’t be most unique. But hey, it’s Friday. I’ll let it slide.

  20. Yes Sir I am! I even diverted on the way back to lessons after mid-morning break to tell you so! Ha. I’m thinking massive knitting needles, forks, power drills on either side? Shall consider more in my next lesson.

  21. Ironically the job was in Swansea and my intention at the time was to move because it was a lot of money. But after turning it down, I conveniently got made redundant and I’ve been a bum ever since unfortunately. Life has a way of saying you should have take the job.

  22. Well that is very strange, but I have to admit I like the thought of them jumping for joy and then passing away, it sounds more….”respectful” than saying they are stupid and forgot they need water to breath.

  23. Yeah, although originally from the Black Country, so i’m not a natural in the surf. Well truth be told, in a wetsuit i’d look too much like a seal. But maybe one day. I’ve been to Cardiff a few times, once i’m ashamed to say, to watch the X Factor finalists and for a job interview.

  24. I reblogged your 10 surfing animals because I live on the coast and the link to facebook and twitter don’t seem to let me click on them, not sure if it’s a problem my end or on the post. Hope you don’t mind. Still loving your blog.

  25. They all work brilliantly. I did wonder about the embarrassment factor though, when one of the fish dies and is just floating about. Especially if you didn’t notice, imagine the office sort of aquarium, would look bad for business. Lol.

  26. Not my thing at all. Then I thought omg I need to send this to The Son’s girlfriend as her Dad owns aquatics shop! Just tweeted her. Thank you yet again!

  27. An amazing conversion piece indeed! And yeah, most of them are not new in anyway but they have never been placed in a top 10 with all 10 of them being real and in no way photoshopped.

  28. Not sure whether my favorite is the bookcase or the sink yet. Haha. I really liked 10 and 6 too. The bed one looks super cute, but I’m not sure if I’d be able to go to sleep knowing that if something were to go wrong it would all fall in my face lol

  29. I’ve seen the table, sink and bookshelf at friends’ homes. Seriously beautiful but seriously hard to clean too! The mantelpiece is my favourite. Reminds me of my trip to the aquarium. Mesmerizing… And a great conversation piece!

  30. I love aquariums! They are beautiful and relaxing. The bookshelf is pretty cool, as well as the table and the bed. I am not to sure about the toilet. That is a little creepy!

  31. These are wonderful! I actually saw an article recently about toilets designed in Japan that have fish tanks with them. I feel sorry for the fishies though!

    I’m loving the tv set one, the little pieces that goes along with it is so cute, and looks incredibly homey for the fish. Makes me feel bad for my pet fish and his ‘boring’ everyday fish tank!

  32. Reblogged this on Rosa Aversa and commented: I am exactly the same, i’m so fascinated with Aquariums, I really want to go to the aquarium in Georgia, America. Its the biggest one in the world! I even went to Barcelona and seen they had an indoor sharks aquarium I could not leave without going, if you scroll through my blog… search for fascination, I’ve explained more 🙂

  33. I love the sink! I also have an idea for a post for you….top ten ways/contraptions used to eat corn on the cob with. It came to earlier at dinner but I kept it to myself 🙂

  34. Great Top 10! Maybe when I finally move out of my mothers home, I will think about the bookcase or the coffee table. Both looks like something I could make on my own!

  35. I love watching fish as well – the bed would be great when I have trouble falling asleep at night – very soothing. I know about the toilet – it is a promotional product – no telling what promotional marketing will think up. Unless maybe it is the Fish School. You can train your fish to limbo, shoot baskets, etc. I thought they were kidding at first, but it is for real. Kids can use it as their school project. If you are interested I will email you the information.

  36. Well that’s a relief! Thought the poor fish would be having heart failure every time they heard the flush!!! In that case, I quite like the toilet one, at least it’s different!

  37. LOL don’t worry the toilet water is in fact behind the fish tank, completely separate to the fish, I know because I wondered the same thing so looked it up.

  38. You could totally rock that couch. It’s a surprise aquarium. The only thing that would make that better is if you filled it with piranhas and gave the cushions a random vibrating mode. Just for funnies of course, I would invite unsuspecting friends over and cover the glass parts. Sit them down, turn on creepy vibrating mode and then unveil the awesome!

    -just realized I am taking this way too far lol-

  39. oh I understand! when I do my wacky kitchen gadgets sometimes I get drawn into fakes. So the darn internet lies to both of us! I still love the sink, I would get one if I could afford it.

  40. I’d end up filming a bad version of Finding Nemo- with sound effects- on my iDouche while my husband struggles not to smother me so he can get some sleep lol. Love the couch aquarium too

  41. Seems that the bed is good for other people who can’t sleep as well. (see previous comments) And yes you would indeed be very worried. I mean, what if you have a nightmare and suddenly shoot up-wards out of bed! Not that great at all.

  42. The cats would go nuts at these! And yes the sink one isn’t new at all, but I still found it rather hard to find 10 good images. Most of them where fake! Shame on the internet for lying to me.

  43. My hubby had previously shown me the headboard, as in “hey don’t you think this could be cool?” But I hadn’t seen the others before. Crazy!
    Also, in case you were wondering…not gonna happen. Ever.

  44. I NEED THAT BED. The times I can’t sleep I could lie and watch the fish. I can’t think of anything more relaxing. I love the sink as well. I’d feel safer with the sink than the bed though; I’d always be a tiny bit worried the one above the bed would somehow break in the middle of the night.
    I agree that the toilet is too far. Is it just me or would you feel self-concious using it in front of the fish? Maybe it’s just me xD

  45. There is no way I could sleep in that bed. My favorite is the sink, which I’ve seen before but it’s still so cool. The coffee table would be nice too, especially for my cats! haha! I would give anything for that mantle. Now that is something I’d call impressive!

  46. I have a wretched life-long case of insomnia. The only thing that would make this any better would be the aquarium bed. At least then I would be freakin entertained.

  47. I think the pumps and the sound of the water in the bed would either lead to keep running to the toilet or just going while you’re asleep 😆 😳

  48. I don’t know if you remember Edna Mode’s fish fireplace in The Incredibles. When I saw that, I designed an entire aquarium-house around the concept.
    I love the feel of it but I wouldn’t have an aquarium unless I could give the fish the same amount of space they’d have in nature.
    This was a beautiful post.

  49. Super cool! But I’m curious about the water for the cistern with the loo…?? Of course they’re separate, but it looks like it could be bad for the fish.

  50. These are fantastic but not sure about the aquarium built into the toilet though.

Which one did you like?