10 Things You Should Know About Cannabis Edibles

10 Things You Should Know About Cannabis Edibles

Have you ever wondered about the different edibles available to you and how well they work? Are you curious as to how effective edibles are and whether or not you should be consuming them?

Essentially, edibles are marijuana in food form. Marijuana has been cooked into various products that can be eaten from baked goods, candies, gummies, beverages, and more. You can find a collection of delicious items catered by Smoke Cartel here, but when it comes to edibles, there are a few things that are important to remember before you have them and while you are having them. They don’t work the same for everyone and everyone can have a different reaction. Here are 10 things you should know about cannabis edibles before you eat them. 

Cannabis edibles are not for everyone

First and foremost, cannabis edibles are not for everyone. Everyone can experience the effects differently, and some may enjoy it while others may completely despise it. If you have too much you may feel effects such as shaking and even nausea, however, some may not feel these effects.

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Edible cannabis is more potent than smoking weed

One of the most important things to note when consuming edibles is that they are vastly different from smoking weed or consuming it in any other way, and this is because of the potency of the high. 

When consuming marijuana in edible form, you will notice that you will have a much stronger high and feel the effects much more than when smoking. 

The effects of eating cannabis can be delayed by up to two hours

Along with this very potent high, another element of consuming marijuana in edible form is that the effects take much longer to kick in. 

When it comes to edibles, you will find that it will take up to two hours for the effects to kick in or for you to feel any high. To avoid any consequences, when consuming edible, always keep track of how much you are consuming, and once you have had something, wait two hours before you have any more. Once you know you are okay and want more, you can have more. 

10 Things You Should Know About Cannabis Edibles

Eating too much at once can lead to uncomfortable symptoms

As mentioned above, you should limit your consumption of edibles, because a small amount can have a much more potent high, as well as the fact that the high can take a lot longer to kick in. If you consume too much, it can lead to uncomfortable symptoms such as shakiness, and even nausea.

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The effects of cannabis edibles can last up to 8 hours 

Just as the effects of cannabis edibles can take a long time to kick in, the effects can also last a lot longer. Depending on how much you consume, you might notice that your high can last up to 8 full hours. 

This can often be a bit much for some people so make sure you know what you are doing. 

You should wait at least 2-4 hours before taking another dose of cannabis

With the delay of the effects when consuming edibles, you should wait between two to four hours before you have anything else. This will give you a good indication of how you are handling the weed and whether you can cope with it anymore.

There are many different types of cannabis edibles 

When it comes to choosing different edibles, you can choose different types of weeds and different types of food. Typically, edibles will have a ratio of CBD to THC, but some can just have THC while others can contain just CBD. You need to choose which is right for you. 

Choosing the edible you want is based on what you feel like. You can find baked goods, beverages, and even candies to name a few.

Edible products have different effects on people depending on their tolerance level 

As mentioned above, edible products have different effects on people depending on their tolerance level. This changes from person to person. 

Those who have regularly consumed marijuana may have a higher tolerance than others will, while those who are beginners may not be able to handle it very well. 

You should start with a low dose

When you start, you should start with a low dose so that you know you can handle it and then build it up once you know you are okay. This is especially important for those who don’t regularly consume marijuana or edibles. 

Edibles can interfere with medication

Last but not least, before you consume any edible product, make sure with your doctor that it won’t interfere with any of your prescription or over-the-counter medication. 

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