Ten Strange and Unusual Flavours of Crisps You Won’t Want to Try

If I understand it right they are called Potato Chips in most countries, but here in the UK, we call them crisps. Burts Potato Chips, Walkers, Lays and Kettle all sell their products worldwide meaning that to accommodate peoples tastes in some countries there are some rather unusual flavours…

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Flavours of Crisps
Fish ‘n chip Flavour Crisps

10 – Fish ‘n chips

Most people are not going to understand my joy of seeing these fish ‘n chip crisps back on the shelf’s after 30 years away. I can confirm that they really do taste of a fish and chip meal and I would eat these by the truckload.

Hedgehog flavoured crisps

9 – Hedgehog

Myself like many people in the early 80’s (Yeah I am sadly that old) eat these by the box full, which makes it even stranger because you can’t get them anywhere nowadays. Maybe the fad of eating hedgehogs wore off in the early 90’s. By the way, it tasted more like beef than anything else in case you were wondering.

Maple Bacon Flavour Crisps

8 – Maple Bacon

Very much an all-American flavour, but one that does intrigue me. the sales pitch says it combines “the deep smokiness of bacon, the rich sweetness of real maple syrup and the subtle spice of chili pepper” much if I am honest makes it sound worse than the packet does!

White Chocolate Potato Crisps

7 – White Chocolate

I am not that fussed on white chocolate anyway, but when it comes to having corn snacks that taste like it I think I will pass. But this is one of those Japanese snacks that you would have to try even if it is once. After all sometimes it is good to try new foods.

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Crab Flavour crisps

6 – Crab

I have been wondering why my dreams of crab flavour crisps have not been answered, but it seems I have been living in the wrong country! Out of all of these flavours I mention here I think this is the one I would try the least.

Camembert Doritos

5 – Camembert

I am a true cheese man myself. I love most tastes and styles, so to me these Camembert Doritos sound delicious, but to many, many others it will sound like their worst nightmare in crisp form. So would you try them?

Blueberry Flavour crisps

4 – Blueberry Flavour

I love fruit I really do, but not so much when it comes to my potato crisps! But having said that the cool and refreshing part does sound nice, so maybe it is worth trying these if only the once.

Bacon Poutine crisps

3 – Bacon Poutine

Us here in the UK also have “Design a flavour” competition, and I find they are mostly meal based. Sunday roast flavour, lamb and mint flavour. But over in Canada, they went for the flavour which I have never heard of until today, so it makes me wonder what they taste like.

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Lay’s chocolate crisps

2 – Chocolate

Some people might find chocolate covered potato crisps a bit weird, but I love them! Having been lucky enough to try these (Because someone was kind enough to send me some) I can confirm that they taste much better than they sound, as I suspect most of these flavours do.

Pepsi-Cola and chicken flavour crisps

1 – Pepsi-Cola and chicken

Do you like the refreshing taste of Pepsi? What about the great taste of fried chicken? If you can answer yes to those 2 questions then this is the potato chips for you. There are others that might sound stranger, but for me it was just too weird not to make it my number 1 weird crisp flavour.

Author: Gus Barge

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