Ten Unusual Bedside Posable Lamps to Show Off Your Nerdy Side

Personal I have 2 bedside lamps (one either side) and while they are nowhere near as cool, nerdy or unusual as this lot I do use them. But this post isn’t about the most practical bedside maps, it’s about the most unusual and if you have one of these on your bedside stand you can consider yourself very nerdy indeed…

Batwing Posable Bedside Lamp
Batwing Posable Bedside Lamp

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It’s not going save you when you are in trouble unless that trouble is not being able to see your book while lying in bed. But it will look cool anyway.

Star Wars Tie Fighter Bedside Posable Lamp

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You can change from the dark side to the light side in the click of a switch with the Tie fighter lamp. Then you can move it around and pretend to have your own space battle with it!

Wood Chain Bedside Posable Lamp

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For all the nerdy cyclists out there is this lamp that looks like a chain, but also works like one and is easily adjustable to whatever position you like.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bedside Posable Lamp

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If you didn’t like the Tie Fighter one before, maybe the Millennium Falcon one is what you want. With a long beam light to help guide the way through the galaxy, or just to see what you are doing before you get into bed.

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DIY Bedside Posable Lamp

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If you fancy yourself as a bit of a DIY buff why not make your own lamp! All you really have to do is assemble the parts yourself, but it is still a fun project to do.

Space Walker Bedside Posable Lamp

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Spacewalks might look like fun, but they are quite dangerous. Something else that isn’t quite as dangerous is trying to find your glasses in the dark and that is where this astronaut lamp comes to save the day.

Plant Bedside Posable Lamp

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For all the gardening nerds out there comes this little bud that can light the way while you are in bed reading even more gardening magazines. And best of all is that it never needs watering!

Transformer Bedside Posable Lamp

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Is it a car, is it a lamp? In fact, it is both of those things and while it is meant for kids I think I wouldn’t mind having one on my bedside table.

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Yvotube Bedside Posable Lamp

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If you like your bedside lamps to have a more modern, designer feel this one from Yvotube probably ticks all the right boxes. Just be prepared to pay designer prices for it as well.

Wooden Dog Bedside Posable Lamp

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For all us animal-loving nerds out there comes this cute little pooch that can light the way at nights. It doesn’t require walking, feeding or petting, but it will need a plug.

Author: Gus Barge

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