Ten of the Very Best Gift Ideas for People Who Love Spam

Do you know someone who enjoys the taste of canned cooked meats like Spam? If you do I have found ten of the craziest spam gift ideas you will ever see. Don’t worry, Hormel Foods Corporation states that it will be safe to consume even after its “Enjoy by” date, making Spam’s shelf life somehow indefinite. It might even last as long as many of these ten Span gift ideas…

Novelty Spam Canned Meat Metal Lunch Box

Spam Can Metal Lunch Box

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If you think this is a cray looking lunch box, you should check out my post that features some of the worlds most unusual lunch boxes!

Novelty Spam Canned Meat Socks

Spam Socks

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If you like novelty socks you will enjoy owning a pair of these. Or maybe you should spam your sock drawer and get one pair for each day of the week!

Novelty Spam Canned Meat Radio

 Spam Radio

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If you like your radio in ham, you might enjoy this spam radio! It’s not DAB, but it is SPAM! (See what I did there?)

Novelty Spam Canned Meat Playing Cards

Spam Playing Cards

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If you like your playing cards on the meaty side why not get this set that features recipes for spam foods on each of them!

Novelty Spam Canned Meat Party Hat

Spam Party Hat

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I’m not sure why anyone would want to leave the house with a spam hat on, but if you do there is a spam hat for such an occasion!

Novelty Spam Canned Meat Necklace

 Spam Cans Necklace

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When you need a piece of jewellery that is a little more unusual this spam necklace with little-tinned Spam pendants has you covered.

Novelty Spam Canned Meat First-Aid Bandages (plasters)

Spam First-Aid Bandages (plasters)

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If you feel a little better after putting some tinned meat on your sores and cuts you need to speak to a doctor, or you could just get these novelty spam plasters.

Novelty Spam Canned Meat Flip-Flops

Spam Flip-Flops

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These meaty looking flip-flops will make sure everyone on the beach knows you love your spam more than all the sand grains in the world.

Novelty Spam Canned Meat Mints

Spam Mints

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I’m not quite sure I would want to try these myself, but if you fancy finding out what they do taste as you can always buy some yourself.

Novelty Spam Canned Meat Decoy Safe Tin

Spam Safe Tin

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If you want to keep your items safe you should maybe try hiding them inside a tin of spam! I suppose you could just use an old tin of real spam, but its cleaner to use this.

Author: Gus Barge

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