Top 10 Best Egg Cup Gift Sets

This time last year I was also writing Easter themed post. I went for “Top 10 Novelty Egg Cups” but what I didn’t realise is that there is another side to the world of egg cup gift ideas, and that is egg cup gift sets that come with various toast (or bread) related cutters and stampers! This is not just any Easter gift idea, this is a complete breakfast package…


Top 10 Best Egg Cup Gift Sets


Top 10 Best Egg Cup Gift Sets
Santa Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

10 – Santa Dipping?!? Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

Apart from the obvious religious links, I don’t really get why you would give someone a Christmas-themed Easter box set! It this was the Easter bunny, maybe it would have worked. But certainly one for any fan of the festive season that is for sure.

Top 10 Best Egg Cup Gift Sets
Moshi Monsters Egg Cup Plate & Toast Stamper Set

9 – Monsters Eggs Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

I am not 100% what a Moshi Monster is, but my little boy tells me that this is “EPIC” and well deserves a place in my top 10. So here it is! While it might not look amazing, it is still a really good set and well worth the price for something that is currently on trend.

Top 10 Best Egg Cup Gift Sets
The Mega Breakfast Set By Marmite

8 – Mega Marmite Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

Not just a mega set for Easter, this is the mega breakfast set for any day of the year! With Egg cups, toast rack, coffee mugs and a teapot it just doesn’t just tick the right boxes, it ticks all of them! I am sure most of us would be more than happy to receive this little lot.

Top 10 Best Egg Cup Gift Sets
‘How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning’ Gift Set

7 – I like mine with a kiss! Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

While at first there is nothing that special with the egg gift set, there is one thing that blew my mind away. You get egg cups, a toast rack and unbelievably 2 damask patterned egg cosies! Maybe I have lived a poor life, but cosies for eggs! I have heard of it all now.

Top 10 Best Egg Cup Gift Sets
Personalised Solid Silver Egg Cup

6 – Silver Eggs Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

Have you ever dreamt about being brought up with a silver spoon in your mouth? Well, now the dream can become a reality with this stunning Easter breakfast set. With a London hallmark and an expert engraver adding your message, it is a luxury in every respect.

Top 10 Best Egg Cup Gift Sets
Egg and Soldiers set by Takae Mizutani and Sons

5 – Mizutani ‘s Eggs Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

If a designer made an egg and toast set this is what it would look like, and that is exactly what did happen! With a Castle egg cup and a  horse-shaped toast cup, it has all you need for a wonderful Easter breakfast and Easter gift idea. But I think I would play around with this one too much, with the horse effectively storming the castle.

Top 10 Best Egg Cup Gift Sets
WMF ‘mr egg’ Egg Cup with Spoon

4 – Its Mr Egg! Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

Mr egg might look like a bit of an egg head, but this Easter gift set with the Mr Egg egg cup, spoon and egg hammer is sure to make just about anyone smile, add all this to the fact that little Mr Egg is on a snowboard and you have one cool breakfast gift idea.

Top 10 Best Egg Cup Gift Sets
The Simpsons Egg Cup with Toast Stamp and Cutter

3 – The Eggsons Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

“Doh!” is not a word you will be saying if you got this Easter gift pack as a present. With Simpsons related Catchwords toast stamper and a very cool Homer egg cup this will be a real winner for most of us Dads and fans of the show. Gotta say I love this gift set!

Top 10 Best Egg Cup Gift Sets
Egg-Splode Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

2 – Army Life Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

It is the egg cup gift set that year on year sells the most. This is the classic style and still one of the best egg and toast sets on the market today. I have this one myself and it is well made, but it does tend to make a mess when you drive the tank around the plate.

Top 10 Best Egg Cup Gift Sets
Paladone Soldier Egg Cup and Toast Cutter

1 –  Soldier Style Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

Often seen protecting the Queen this is the classic British Queen’s Royal Life Guard (called the King’s Life Guard when the reigning monarch is male) but call then what you like, this is all about the classic art of cut-up pieces of toast for dipping in soft-boiled eggs, and any soldiers good enough for the Queen is good enough for me as well.


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