Ten of the Very Best Beanbags You Can Buy Right Now

There is nothing better than gaming on a nice comfy beanbag. Your bum just seems to sink right into it and it then keeps the same shape ready for when you come back to it. But with so many amazing designs and shapes of beanbags which one should you choose? To save you some time looking I have found ten of the very best beanbags you can buy right now and some of them are simply amazing…

Super Mario Character Boo Ghost Beanbag Chair
Super Mario Character Boo Ghost Beanbag Chair

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If you played any Super Mario game and wondered how comfortable it would be to sleep on the head of a giant Boo ghost character then this might be the beanbag for you.

Pokémon Character Snorlax Beanbag Chair

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Good old Snorlax. After a long day Pokémon hunting, there is nothing better than cuddling up to this giant Pokémon character with his giant belly ready to be snuggled up to.

TR-808 Drum Machine Beanbag Chair

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Sadly it isn’t a real working drum machine that you can sit on, but it would look nice in a studio flat next to your own real working drum machine. Maybe its large size and comfort will help you make better beats.

Hippo Beanbag Chair

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Sadly sitting on a real hippopotamus could be dangerous, so its lucky that there is a hippo character bean bag chair for you to plonk your rear upon. It is much safer than the real thing (but not half as much fun).

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Coffee Sack Beanbag Chair

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While I would love to see these in a local Starbucks I can’t imagine they would be great for drinking coffee. But they would look nice in a modern flat and used for when friends come round for a gaming night.

Giant 6-Foot Sheepskin Beanbag Chair

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Have you ever wanted to fall asleep inside a giant beanbag that is so comfortable that it makes you want to throw your bed out of the window? Well now you can with this giant-sized beanbag that looks like a giant cloud.

CordaRoy’s Convertible Beanbag Chair / Bed

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There is nothing worse than having to blow up an inflatable mattress when a surprise guest wants to stay the night. But with this convertible beanbag/bed its a lot less hassle! It’s not just good for guests, those long gaming nights just got a lot better with this as well.

Woouf Chocolate Donut Beanbag Chair

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Is there anything more comfortable on the mouth than a nice chocolate doughnut? Now imagine that same softness on your rear end as you plonk yourself down on this giant one. That hole in the middle is the perfect size to relax in.

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Earth Globe Beanbag Chair

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There aren’t that many bean bags that are educational as well as comfortable, but somehow this one manages to pull it off. With a nicely printed globe map of the earth, you could sit yourself down in a different place of the world each and every day.

Fast-Food Burger Beanbag Chair

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Maybe its that soft looking burger bun that makes this beanbag so comfortable, or the layers of lettuce that make it feel so soft. Whatever it is this burger beanbag gets my vote and it makes me strangely hungry at the same time.

Author: Gus Barge

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