Ten Weird and Crazy Gift Ideas for People Who Love Sprouts

While most of us will only eat a sprout once or twice a year there are people out there who love these little baby cabbages and eat them all the time. While you may think the number of people who love spouts is small it is in fact big enough for sprouts to have their own range of gift ideas some of which are cool, but most of which are weird and crazy…


Sprout Pop! Vinyl Figure

Sprout Pop! Vinyl Figure – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

Most of us reading this will only know the Green Giant from the sweet corn adverts, but yes, there was a little one called sprout and this is him. I have to say I would much prefer to eat sweetcorn than a bag of frozen sprouts, but that is just my opinion.

Sprout Kitchen Roll – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

If you want to celebrate spouts and indeed Christmas, but still need something to clean up all the wine spills with why not get a 2 pack of sprout kitchen roll! I’m not sure why this is even a thing, but it is and I don’t think it gets much weirder than this.

Petface Christmas Latex Brussels Sprout – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

There is only one kind of person worse than someone who actually enjoys eating Brussel sprouts and that is someone who gives them to their dog! But I suppose this is a pet toy after all. Its little sprout face did make me smile, so I suppose a dog will enjoy it even if it is a sprout.

Milk Chocolate Sprouts Triple Pack – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

The main reason I hate sprouts so much has to be the taste, but I don’t think swapping the real thing for chocolate ones on my Christmas dinner is such a wise mood. But I do have a relative who eats them like little apples, so maybe he will find the taste of these much better than the real thing.

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Plushie Sprout Dog Toy – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

Made from a safe for dogs latex material your dog or cat will enjoy ragging this toy about like grandma does with the real thing at the festive dinner table. I know its wrong to comment on how cute it looks, but it really does look cute!

Twist & Sprout Board Game – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

If you think the play on words in the name of this party game is cringy just wait until you see your drunk relatives and friends try and play the actual game! Its apparently a lot of fun and can be played by the whole family.

Brussels Sprout Earrings – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

If you want to get into the festive mood why not use these little cabbages as earrings and feel part of the festive spirit and part of your own Christmas dinner! I have to say these are quite well made and you just know someone will love them!

Sprout Jigsaw Puzzle – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

Just when you thought you have seen some of the worlds hardest jigsaw puzzles along comes one that is only 100 pieces, but it is a picture of nothing by spouts! Try looking for the different colours and sorting them in this puzzle. I think this will take some people till next year to finish!

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Sprouts With Craft Gin – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

There is only one thing worse than the chocolate sprouts we saw earlier and that is chocolate sprouts with a Craft Gin filling! They are apparently beautifully presented and taste amazing. All I can say for sure is that they are not for me.

Brussels Sprout Bedding – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

And we finish this post with something truly weird. Available in single, double and king size this sprout bedding is sure to get anyone out of bed early in the morning. I love the little characters like the Reindeer sprout and it would probably make me smile if I had this on my own bed.

Author: Gus Barge

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