10 Simple Card Counting Tactics

10 Simple Card Counting Tactics
10 Simple Card Counting Tactics

Are you a fan of blackjack? If so, you know how difficult it can be to keep count of the cards. Well, worry no more because there are techniques that are effective in counting cards when playing blackjack. If you utilize these techniques, you will be guaranteed to increase your odds of winning. Below, you will discover 10 simple card-counting tactics that work.


Know Your Options

Several card counting techniques work effectively. These include the Hi-Lo and KO counting systems, which are simple and ideal for beginners. Know your options, so you can determine which one works the best for you. Once you become familiar with the Hi-Lo and KO, you will have the option of advancing to more complex card counting systems.

Small Wagers

Learning how to effectively utilize card counting systems will take practice and patience. In the meantime, you should only consider small wagers. Starting with small wagers will help you focus more on counting your cards and less on losing. Once you master a card counting system, you can increase your stakes at will.

Count The Table

You must be an observant player to increase your odds of winning. Counting the table is a strategy that has proven to be effective in blackjack. This strategy works by taking note of all the exposed cards, the dealer and other players. To do this, you need to start by counting the high cards, ten-point cards, and the low cards, cards between two and five points. Every deck has an equal number of low and high cards. You can practice your card counting skills on Maxbet.

Monitor The Bankroll

Many blackjack players are too busy counting their cards to be concerned with the bankroll. This is a mistake that could lead to a major loss. It is only natural to have a few losing hands but if you monitor the bankroll, you will know if it can support the games you are playing.

Hi-Lo Strategy

The Hi-Lo strategy is extremely popular among veteran players and beginners. This strategy works by increasing wagers when the counts are positive. This technique calls for the wager to be increased +2 or better when the count is positive. The more players betting on the game should result in a higher count. The cards in the deck should be of higher value when the value is a high number.

Practice Speed And Accuracy

Blackjack players are adamant about trying to remember even the smallest details. You must be able to multi-task to be a good blackjack player. You must be able to take mental notes and count your cards with accuracy and speed. The more you practice card counting, the better you will get at it.

Never Show Your Strategy

A big mistake that many blackjack players make is showing the other players and dealers that they are counting cards. Many casinos frown on this activity, so it will be in your best interest to keep your strategy to yourself. It will play in your best interest to not show others that you are counting cards. You must be able to show the other players that you are just like them. If you stick out like a sore thumb, you will draw a lot of negative attention.

Your Expectations Should Be Realistic

Before you set down to play a game of blackjack, you should know what to expect. Many players set their expectations way too high. And, when they fail to meet their expectations, they are sorely disappointed. Card counting is believed to improve the player’s odds of winning. But, it is not a miracle solution. So, you are not going to win just because you are card counting.

Do Not Rely On Card Counting Alone

Many experts believe card counting is the key to winning. Even if you agree with these individuals, you should not put all of your eggs in the same basket. It is recommended to utilize various strategies instead of just relying on card counting alone.

Advanced Omega II

The Advanced Omega II strategy is very complex, making it more suitable for veteran players. While simple card counting strategies work, they are sometimes not as effective as the more complex strategies. Many blackjack players will start with a simple strategy and eventually work their way up to a more complicated value system.

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