Ten AT-AT Walkers From Starwars Themed to Various Things

Everyone loves an AT-AT walker! But it seems a lot of people find them a little plain looking. So several different cartoon and digital artists have decided to add a theme to them as well. From dukes of hazzard to Dr Who, they might be a nerd mash-up but I love them…



Top 10 Unusual AT-AT Star Wars Walkers
Back to the Future: DeLorean Themed AT-AT StarWars: Walker

10 –DeLorean

You will soon discover that most of these are made by an artist called Seven Hundred, and he or she doesn’t sell them as art, but as crazy t-shirt designs. At first, it is hard to work out the theme attached to this AT-AT until you recognise the back section from a DeLorean on top of it.

Jurassic Park Themed AT-AT StarWars: Walker
Jurassic Park Themed AT-AT StarWars: Walker

9 – Jurassic Park

Often with the designs made by Seven Hundred, you will discover that it is themed around iconic vehicles at the same time the original Star Wars film was released. So 80’s/90’s or thereabouts. So that is the reason for the theme of this Jurassic Park one, and worthy of note is the number on the AT-AT’s leg that is the same as the car Alan and team were in.

Top 10 Unusual AT-AT Star Wars Walkers
The Mystery Machine: Scooby Doo Themed AT-AT StarWars: Walker

8 – The Mystery Machine

This has to be one of my own personal favourites from Seven Hundred. It takes the silliness of the Scooby Doo universe and turns an otherwise menacing ATAT into a walking hippy! And the flowers on the knee joints are just a great added bonus.

Top 10 Unusual AT-AT Star Wars Walkers
X-Ray Themed AT-AT StarWars: Walker

7 – X-Ray

This is the first one of two that are not made by Seven Hundred. Sadly I couldn’t find out who made it which is a real shame as it is really good. But dare I say it is also slightly creepy and would have made for a better reason the machines only walk.

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Top 10 Unusual AT-AT Star Wars Walkers
Ghost Busters Themed AT-AT StarWars: Walker

6 – Ghost Busters

Not much of a colour change here, but the overall theme is very apparent. I really couldn’t see the Ghost Busters using this as it would have taken them ages to get to the location of the ghost! By then all chaos would have broken out and the ghost long was gone. But it might have made the film even funnier.

Top 10 Unusual AT-AT Star Wars Walkers
General Lee: The Dukes of Hazzard Themed AT-AT StarWars: Walker

5 – General Lee

Once again made by Seven Hundred this dukes of Hazzard themed one makes the AT-AT look rather weird in bright orange, and you are hardly going to see a walker jump over cop cars and rivers. But it would have been funny to watch the Sheriff try and bash it down using his cop car.

Top 10 Unusual AT-AT Star Wars Walkers
A-Team Van Themed AT-AT StarWars: Walker

4 – A-Team Van

I pity the fool who makes a walker in the theme on my A-Team van suckers! But in reality, I think Mr T would love this AT-AT. This is one of the few walkers where the paint job actually seems to suit the AT-AT. Even the red streak has the ability to make it look even more menacing.

Top 10 Unusual AT-AT Star Wars Walkers
Ice Cream Truck Themed AT-AT StarWars: Walker

3 – Ice Cream Truck

Originally made by Chunk clothing this is the 2nd artwork that is made by someone other than Seven Hundred. It has an almost Banksy style to it and wouldn’t look out of place on the side of a building somewhere.

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Top 10 Unusual AT-AT Star Wars Walkers
Herbie Themed AT-AT StarWars: Walker

2 – Herbie

This for me was a strange one. Because I instantly get the Herbie (The Love Bug) theming, it doesn’t seem to make the walker any less scary! It just goes to show that is was the original VW Beatle shape that made Herbie cute, not his colours or theme.

Top 10 Unusual AT-AT Star Wars Walkers
Dr Who Themed AT-AT StarWars: Walker


The TARDIS normally gives out a safe feeling about it. (it is a police box after all.) but when you theme an AT-AT in the same style suddenly it looks even scarier than it was before! Not only can it squash whole army’s it can now teleport through space and time! The Dark Lord would approve that is for sure.

Author: Gus Barge

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