Top 10 Amazing Dog Sculptures

These amazing sculptures are all made from various things. Chains, keys even mechanical gears! Made from various artists I have done my best to name the person who deserves the credit and I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do…



Top 10 Amazing Dog Sculptures
Dog Sculpture Made From Toys

10 – Robert Bradford –

I thought I would start with this one from Robert Bradford. It’s so colourful and happy, it seems to encapture everything a happy dog is about. If you would like to see more from this artists I did do a post a while ago: “Dogs Made From Recycled Plastic Toys”

Dog Sculpture Made From Gears

9 – Nirit Levav –

We have seen the work of Nirit Levav before in the post “Dog Sculptures Made From Bicycle Chains”

Dog Sculpture Made From Dog Leads

8 – Nirit Levav –

A dog made from dog leads is a colourful dog indeed. I think my own dog would have loved some these.

Dog Sculpture Made From Lightbulbs

7 – Nirit Levav –

While there has been a bit of cheating with the stocking, it’s still pretty amazing.

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Dog Sculpture Made From Popcorn

6 – Nirit Levav –

I have, to be honest, and tell you that I am not 100% sure that it is made from popcorn, but if I had to guess what it was made from that is what it is.

Dog Sculpture Made From Flowers

5 – Nirit Levav –

While these are flower shapes, I think they might be cloth flowers rather than real ones.

Dog Sculpture Made From Iron

4 – Nirit Levav –

This pooch made from iron looks like he might need the toilet!

Dog Sculpture Made From Watches

3 – Nirit Levav –

Have you got the time to make a dog sculpture from wristwatches? I know I haven’t.

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Dog Sculpture Made From Keys

2 – Nirit Levav –

Now, this is impressive. There must literally be thousands of keys to make this dog.

Dog Sculpture Made From Wire

1 – Nirit Levav –

You just have to respect how much work has gone into this dog, there is literally miles of wire needed to make it.

Author: Gus Barge

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