Ten Amazing Fabric Sculptures by the Talented Korean Artist Do-Ho Suh

If there is one thing I have started to learn while doing these art posts it is that art can sometimes look like the simplest of things, but still amazing in its own right. That is where Korean artist Do-Ho Suh comes into it. He has constructed the most amazing and highly detailed sculptures all made from polyester fabric…


Top 10 Amazing Polyester Fabrics Sculptures
Building Made From Polyester Fabric

10 – Burning Arch – lehmannmaupin.com

This is the entrance to one of Do-Ho Suh’s main art sculptures and he has even styled it like the insides with a wide hanging sheet of fabric. I am not 100% sure the effects surrounding the main arch are birds or smoke, but it looks amazing.

Building Made From Polyester Fabric

9 – Multi-Story – lehmannmaupin.com

No matter how amazing this 4 story high, see-through effect building looks, it is even more amazing is that it is made from nothing but a steel frame and some see-through fabric.

Building Made From Polyester Fabric

8 – My House – lehmannmaupin.com

The almost ghost effect that you get the right views is stunning and very real might I add. I think this is the inside of his flat, or certainly somewhere where he has lived at one time or another.

Inside of Building Made From Polyester Fabric

7 – The inside – lehmannmaupin.com

In some of his art installations, he did not only make the outside but also all the inside as well! From cookers to toilets, fridges, cupboards and even the kitchen sink. And of course, all made from polyester fabric.

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Building Made From Polyester Fabric

6 – The Mirror Effect – lehmannmaupin.com

While making one stone arch from Polyester Fabric is incredible enough making 2 of them and turning them into a mirror style effect is amazing. The work involved is mind blowing and I can only wonder how long it took him to make this. I just hope he had some help!

Building Made From Polyester Fabric

5 – The Event – lehmannmaupin.com

This one really shows what this artist could make for an event. The hanging, almost event tent style of the fabric makes for one amazing entrance. I can only imagine what is down those stairs and would love to know.

Stairs Made From Polyester Fabric

4 – Hanging – lehmannmaupin.com

The way he can fold and tuck the fabric one minute, then leave it to hang making it look deadly straight the next is incredible. With the flow of the fabric matching what I would imagine is the flow of the concrete in the building he is replicating.

Building Made From Polyester Fabric

3 – Details – lehmannmaupin.com

With this image, you can really see the amazing detail that he puts into each piece. The detail in the corner pillars is amazing given the fact that it is nothing more than wire and Polyester Fabric.

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Stairs Made From Polyester Fabric

2 – Hanging Stairs – lehmannmaupin.com

Out of all these amazing works of art, it is this one that is the most horror looking. You can image a terrifying nightmare where you go to walk down the stairs and the bottom has gone meaning you have to step off into nothingness.

House Made From Polyester Fabric

1 – Mansion – lehmannmaupin.com

The sheer size alone makes this my number 1, but it is also the pure flat walls and the overall effect that I love. It is so real you could easily imagine living in it, but also dreamlike enough to make it see through. Do-Ho Suh is an amazing artist and I hope you have enjoyed his work just as much as I have. Please do remember if you would like to see more just click on one of the images above.

Author: Gus Barge

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