Ten Amazing and Unusual Backpacks You Can Buy Right Now

I have decided that it is time to get my child a new backpack. The old one is starting to look a little worn, but to be fair it has had some good use. I am sure he will decide that he wants one with some form of cartoon merchandising on it, but I would much rather you have one of this lot instead…



Top 10 Creative and Unusual Backpacks
Pratesi Guitar Backpack

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I would have put this guitar style backpack a lot higher up on this list, but due to the high-quality leather and designer style, it is, unfortunately, more expensive than most classical real guitars! But it was definitely worth including because of its creativity.

Dragon Backpack

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Made by Bob Basset from Ukraine is this very cool looking dragon backpack, made out of leather it is handmade and one of a kind. But don’t get your hopes up as sadly this is a one-off, but definitely one of the most amazing backpacks I think you will ever see.

Darkstar Cat Backpack

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Now I know that I have one or two cat fans reading these posts so maybe just a few of you are going to love this or at least find this Darkstar cat backpack rather amazing. And then again they will also be rather a lot of you wonder what you are looking at.

Tardis Backpack

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Maybe just maybe this really is bigger on the inside, but backpack magic aside I think its unusual shape might be a little uncomfortable to wear on the back. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t wear it because I most definitely would.

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Lions Head Backpack

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These large 3D lions head backpacks are sure to get you noticed. With strangely realistic designs they as close to having real tigers head on your back than most people would care to dream of. I suppose it has to be better than a real tigers head any day.

3D cartoon inspired backpack

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These brightly coloured, but yet simple designed backpacks are definitely one of the most unusual you will ever see. With heavily blocked colours and thick black outline it appears to give it a 3D cartoon effect, so if you much like your backpack you want to stand out, maybe this is the one for you.

Super Mario reversible backpack

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Inspired by a few levels from Super Marios Bros comes this reversible backpack. Just folding it inside out means you can effectively jump between levels But I would just leave it on the 1-1 level as that is the most memorable one.

LEGO Backpack

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These days it seems that Lego gets just about everywhere, and believe it or not you can now get it on your back as well! With a chance of red or blue, I think a unique feature about this is that each name brand it circle section is, in fact, a tiny pocket meaning you put all your little bits and pieces inside them, and leave the main compartments for the bigger stuff.

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Beetle Backpack

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I’m sure that for a lot of people reading this, it will be one of their biggest fears having a bug of this size hanging off their backs, but for those of us that are more fond of beetle bugs (no matter how strangely realistic they look) maybe this is the backpack for us.

Harry And Jacks backpack

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And so we come to a number one spot. The timing of this just could not have been any better because at the time we brought this Harry And Jacks Adventure backpack my child was into playing Luigi’s mansion and it looks exactly the same as Luigi’s backpack! But more importantly it is the quality style and of course, shape that fills my child’s imagination to not only play with it but to want to go on adventures with it! And above all my child loves it and that’s all that counts.

Author: Gus Barge

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