Ten Tips Before Accepting an Online Casino Bonus

Ten Tips Before Accepting an Online Casino Bonus

Every online casino tries to get new players by offering a bonus to new players and to keep their players with different promotions. But accepting a bonus comes with different terms and some aspects you have to look out for. In this article, you will find 10 tips for accepting the right bonus over at Bluechip.io Indian casino and which can prevent you from losing money if you hit the jackpot…


10 – Size doesn’t matter

Of course bonuses offers of 500 euro for your first deposit looks very attractive but just remember this. Every casino tries to convince you that they are one of best online casinos, but an offer you can’t resist might be an offer that is too good to be true. They might have very high bonus terms, it might be split in different deposits or there is some other requirement that you didn’t think of. Of course, there are always exceptions and some casinos do offer a very good package but especially with high bonus offers make sure that you read the terms and conditions very well.

9 – Does the offer consist of several deposits?

Some casinos offer a bonus package where you receive for example €1000 bonus divided over 4 deposits. They advertise that you receive a bonus of €1000 but on the homepage, they might not put anything about the number of deposits you need to make.

You can see this most of the time on the promotion page where you can read the explanation of the bonus offers.

8 – How to activate the bonus

You need to know how you can receive the bonus. There are three ways this can be done:

1. Automatically when you make the deposit
2. By filling in a coupon code in the cashier
3. By selecting the bonus offer in the cashier

It’s important to know how the bonus will be activated and not find out after you’ve made your deposit that you had to select the bonus. Then it might be too late. Of course, you can always contact the live chat of the casino and ask if they can add the bonus manually, but only if you haven’t placed any bets yet.

7 – Check the wagering terms

The wagering terms are the most important part of an online casino bonus. Before you can withdraw any winnings from bonus money, you need to wager a certain amount of money first.

The calculation of this amount differs a lot for each casino. In some casinos, you have to wager the bonus amount multiplied by a number and at others, you have to wager the bonus and deposit multiplied by a number. That number is on average between 30 and 50 times,

For example, when you make a deposit of 100 euro and you receive a bonus of 100 euro with the wagering terms of 30 x deposit and bonus, it means that you have to place bets on the games for a total amount of €6000 (30 x €100 deposit + 30 x €100 bonus).

Another difference between casinos regarding the wagering is if you can withdraw the bonus amount you received or if it will be deleted the moment you make a payout request.

6 – What is the maximum bet you can place with bonus money?

Almost all online casinos have a maximum bet you can place with bonus money. This is around €5-€10 and counts for all the games. They do this to prevent players playing with low bets with their deposited money and go crazy with bonus money which is basically free money and no risk to lose.

5 – Tips regarding a no deposit bonus/spins

Many casinos offer free spins or no-deposit bonus when you open a new account. This way you can try the games for free but with real money and the casino has your details so they can send you promotion emails and you might be tempted to start playing for real money.

Always read the terms and conditions for these free bonus offers because there is almost no chance you will be able to win a big amount.

Some terms for this are:
– There is a maximum amount you can payout, like 150 euro
– If you win you need to make a deposit first
– You can only play the free spins on 1 particular game

4 – Can you use all deposit methods?

At some online casinos, you cannot receive a bonus when you make a deposit with Neteller or Skrill. These are two very popular e-banking systems but unfortunately, they are also very popular among fraudsters. So casinos want to protect themselves from bonus abuse because it is difficult to check the identity of the player via these payment methods.

So always check if you can receive a bonus with the payment method of your choice.

3 – No bonus? Request to delete the bonus

If you don’t want to receive a bonus from an online casino you have two choices:

1. Don’t select the bonus offer if this option is possible in the cashier
2. In case the bonus is automatically added, ask the support team to delete the bonus before you place any wager

The advantage of this is that you are not connected to the bonus terms and you can always make a withdrawal with your own money.

Check the country-specific terms

Some countries have different bonus terms than others. There are countries which have a reputation of players who are abusing the bonus system and for these countries, the bonus terms are stricter. So always check if your country has different bonus terms.

2 – How long is the bonus valid?

Every bonus has an expiration date. Before that expiration date, you need to use the bonus or fulfil the wagering requirements to keep the bonus active. There is always enough time to do this and players generally use the bonus the same day.

1 – Which games can you play with bonus money?

It’s not possible to play with bonus money on live casino games. On all other games, it’s possible to play with bonus money but not every game counts the same towards reaching the wagering requirements. On slots, each bet counts for 100%. Bets on Roulette and Baccarat count for 0% towards reaching the wagering requirement. And bets on other table games count for 10%.

The reason why bets on Roulette don’t count is because you can place a bet on red and black at the same time so you don’t win and lose but the wagering balance will go down. So casinos prevented this to avoid bonus abuse.

So now it’s time for you to find a new online casino and use the above knowledge to win with your bonus money.

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