Top 10 Worlds Largest Clock Faces and Where to Find Them

As we draw closer to the new year people all over the world are looking to their clocks and phones to make sure the time is right. Time is something that seems to get quicker as the day’s pass in the run up to new year, but these ten clock faces never change speed and they never change size…



Colgate Clock, Indiana
Colgate Clock, Indiana

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This clock you will come to meet again, as this 12-metre clock face was moved here from our 6 spot and was replaced with one even bigger!

Allen-Bradley Clock Tower, Milwaukee

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All four faces of this incredible clock are 12.25 meters in diameter and stand tall at 83 meters up. This is one clock that your smartphone time will never match in beauty.

Grozny-City Towers Facade Clocks, Grozny City

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This two-piece clock stands on this tower 140 meters up and 13.6 meters wide. Now that is a clock that you can see from any time zone!

Flower clock, Tehran

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Once upon a time this was the biggest flower clock in the world(15-metre ). But it has since wilted and dropped down a few places.

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Colgate Clock, New Jersey

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It’s time to brush your teeth! Oh, and maybe take a look at this massive 15.2-metre diameter clock face at the same time.

Duquesne Brewery Clock, Pittsburgh

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This week’s spot the clock competition was won by the person pointing out the 18-meter octagon shaped clock face that is on the side of the Duquesne Brewing Company building.

Central do Brasil clock in Rio de Janeiro

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The massive 20-meter clock has four faces (all the same size) and was built way back in 1943 when it was considered to be the tallest in the world.

The floral clock in Surat, India

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The 24-meter diameter clock face is pretty impressive indeed, but the big hand of the clock weighing almost 1 tonne is truly incredible.

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Istanbul Cevahir clock in Istanbul

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It might look like a normal transparent roof of a shopping mall, but this really is a 36-meter diameter clock

Abraj Al Bait Towers clock in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

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At 43 meters in diameter, this ginormous clock face can be seen for miles around and it also helps that it is located on the 601st floor! Makes you wonder how they got it up there.

Author: Gus Barge

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