Ten Things to Consider Before a Big Night Out at the Casino

So you are planning a big night out at the casino. Why not have a read through this small list of ten things to consider before you go. While most of them are common sense, it is still worth checking up on them…


Dress Code
Dress Code

10 – Dress Code

Yes, depending on what casino you are visiting, some do require a dress code before hand. Ask some people who have visited the place before you or just give them a ring the night before and ask.

Cash Only

9 – Cash Only

If you have a nasty habit of spending more than you want at the casino why not just go with the amount you can spend and not a penny more. That way you don’t have your cards and can’t get any more out than you intended to spend.

Your Kinda Games

8 – Your Kinda Games

There is nothing worse than going to a poker only casino when you don’t like or know how to play poker! So make sure they have some of the games you like, maybe slots or roulette.


7 – Transport

Planning on having a drink while at the casino? Make sure you have a chaperone driver or you know there are taxis or public transport.

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6 – Location

That might sound straight forward when you are talking about bigger casinos, but smaller ones sometimes have the habit of moving around and not updating their website information. So check it is there and still open before you go there by giving them a ring.

Safety in Knowledge

5 – Safety in Knowledge

If you plan to go alone to the casino make sure you tell someone you are going, or even better make sure you have your phone on you at all times. And if going as a group, make sure you know how many there are in that group so no-one gets left behind.

Food and Drink

4 – Food and Drink

If you plan to make a long night of it make sure the casino has both a food hall as well as normal drinks. Drinking alcohol all night will make you regret it in the morning so mix it up with some soft drinks and grub.

Personal Belongings

3 – Personal Belongings

If you plan to have a purse, handbag or just a wallet, make sure you know at all times where it is and even better attach a small piece of string to it so no-one can go walking off with anything.

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2 – Exits

This tip is not just about learning where the fire exits are, but also about knowing where to meet friends or family when the night ends. Making sure there is only one main exit will mean you all end up in the same place when the night is over and no-one is left waiting in another part of the building.


1 – Events

This is a great tip if you want to have a quiet night. There is nothing worse than walking into a casino expecting a few games of poker when there is a weekend tournament going on. It will be hard to find a table and even harder to keep track of friends while you are there. Simply check the casino’s website and blog the night before just to make sure. Who knows, it might be an event you will like which will make the night even better.

Author: Gus Barge

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