Top 10 Tips To Spot a Dodgy Online Casino

These days there are thousands of online casinos all fighting for you to come and play on their sites. But how do you know the good ones from the bad ones? These ten tips are simple things to look for and will keep you safe in the online casino world…




10 – HTTPS

It might sound like a simple tip, but if you are going to play with any online casino make sure the site starts with HTTPS, not HTTP. This will keep you secure from people (including the site owners) who might want to steal your data.

Payment Options

9 – Payment Options

Make sure you understand what methods of payment they take and even more importantly what methods they pay-out in. If they only cash-out in Bitcoins, get out of there!

Blacklisted Casinos

8 – Blacklisted Casinos

The website has a great list of casinos that are essentially ones to avoid and it’s a good list to check your own favourite casino hangout with.


7 – Google

It is often worth seeing what you can find out on Google. Has anyone ever wrote something good or bad about it online?

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6 – Contact

Is there a contact number, online chat or email? Maybe even a physical address? If the site has none of those how will you contact them in the event of a problem?

Who, What and Where?

5 – Who, What and Where?

If you are still not sure it looks legit to a “Whois Domain Lookup” to find out where the site is registered and who with. This can often be a quick search away from saving your wallet from being emptied.

Social Media

4 – Social Media

Check out their social media pages first and foremost. By seeing what other people are saying, or if there is anyone interacting with them is a good way to make sure they are legit. Just remember that big social media follow amounts, don’t necessarily mean real people. Interaction does that.

Are You Alone?

3 – Are You Alone?

Even if you just intend to play slots while onsite, check in with the poker tables first to see if there are real people onsite at the same time as you are. No players of poker will often mean something is wrong.

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2 – Footers

Most good online casinos will have various reviews, licenses and secure payment licences located in the footer. Does the site you enjoy playing on have those? If not…RUN!


1 – Reviews

Online reviews are the simplest and best way to tell if the site you are on is legit. Often you will have to google the sites name and URL to find the ones that have tried to bury them, but taking a little bit of time to stay safe will keep your money even safer.

Author: Gus Barge

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