Ten Amazing Tips for Online Slot Players

Millions of people around the world play slots online and some people play them in the real world. Wherever you play them, these ten tips will help make your money last longer and hopefully lead to more wins…


CPS (Cost Per Spin)
CPS (Cost Per Spin)

10 – CPS (Cost Per Spin)

Some people think it is best to “go big or go home” but when it comes to slot games if you go big you will be going home faster. Keep that CPS just above the lowest amount and it will last longer and hopefully lead you to get more wins.

Stay With it!

9 – Stay With it!

This tip has probably been said a hundred different ways, but it is also one of the most important to remember. If you play slots at home online or on your mobile, make sure you don’t limit your senses and start gambling more than you can afford.

Play Promoted

8 – Play Promoted

Whenever you sign up for an online casino site you will often be emailed (or notified) of various deals. Why not stick to the slot games that have free spin deals or extra deposit bonuses. At the end of the day, 99% of all online slot games and mobile apps have the same odds of winning!

Enjoy Yourself

7 – Enjoy Yourself

If there is one tip that you should learn from and stick to its this one. ALWAYS make sure you are having fun and never gambling more than you can afford. Once the fun stops…STOP!

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6 – Progressive

Why not play the big “progressive jackpot” slot games! That way, when you win a jackpot it can be a life-changing amount, rather than enough money for a night out.

Ask Before you Deposit

5 – Ask Before you Deposit

Most online slot sites these days have a “live chat” feature. It sounds rude to ask, but it is sometimes worth asking if there are any deals one before you make a deposit!

Check Your Email/Notifications

4 – Check Your Email/Notifications

It is always worth checking your email for bonus codes and little extra bonuses that the site might have sent you. It is also worth checking in your spam folder and some promos can end up in there.

Stay Loyal

3 – Stay Loyal

By sticking to one site and making all your deposits in there will often lead to even more promotions and bonuses being sent to you. While shopping around is always a good idea at the start, staying with that site is always best in the long run.

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New Games

2 – New Games

When it comes to sites and slot apps featuring new games they will often give you a load of free spins just for playing it! So keep an eye on that front page of the site or app.

Play For Test

1 – Play For Test

Almost all online slot sites and casinos have a “play for fun” feature on their site. If you are new to the game you should play this option first to get used to the wins and features.

Author: Gus Barge

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