Ten Amazing Pictures of Mermaid Cats Not Even Sailors Will Believe!

Have you ever heard the saying “You are what you eat!” well maybe there is some truth in it. I eat everything and anything and I get on with everyone and anyone! My dog eats meat making him a hunting animal, sadly he only hunts the postman. So does that make cats half fish? Like a furry mermaid?!? Let’s find out…


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Mermaid Cat
Mermaid Cat

10 – “I was captured in a net by a Lego character!”

FACT: Our poor European sailors didn’t have the nice, seductive woman half to their mermaids, it is written in sailing journals that the bottom half looked like a fish, but the top half always looked like a cow!!! A Cow-Fish!

Mermaid Cat

9 – “It was Sebastian that told me to bite the dog! I didn’t want to do it, I’m a Princess!”

FACT: Think seeing a mermaid was lucky for sailors? Well, you would be wrong because they believed when they saw one it meant there was a storm or bad change of weather brewing.

Mermaid Cat

8 – “Worst…costume….EVER!”

FACT: the earliest known mythology of a mermaid was from Syrian! It was a goddess who went by the name of Atargatis and she was a fertility goddess and kept her top half human so she could feed her babies she would have by trapping the fishermen!

Mermaid Cat

7 – “So does this mean I get more fish nibbles or less?!?”

FACT: The Merman was around well before the mermaid! Babylonian god, Oannes pre-dates the Syrian mermaid by several thousand years.

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Mermaid Cat

6 – “Yeah very funny, I am Santa’s little Mermaid. Now put me down or lose an eye!”

FACT: In Old English, “mer” meant sea, and “maid” simply meant woman! So a Mermaid was literally a “women of the sea.”

Mermaid Cat

5 – “Take this off me now or you really will be crashing into the rocks!…head first!”

FACT: Some legends say us humans are descended from both mermaids and mermen. If evolution is true this is closer to the truth than mythology explanation

Mermaid Cat

4 – “Yes I’m an underwater god, now bring me more nibbles because King Triton said so!”

FACT: Mermaids and Mermen are said to use powerful magical amulets made from Aquamarine! This power can only be used to protect sailors when they were at sea, or when they fell into the water.

Mermaid Cat

3 – “I might look silly, but at least I am warm, it’s freezing out there.”

FACT: Starbuck’s Original Mermaid was not a happy, smiling mermaid at all but a Melusine, otherwise known as a siren! These evil mermaids with two tails. Starbucks decided this was not friendly enough so changed it to the common mermaid you know today.

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Mermaid Cat

2 – “I am a furry siren! Now fill my food bowl immediately!”

FACT: Northern Scandinavian mermaids (called “The Havfine” )are the only ones said to have the ability to be able to swim in both freshwater and saltwater.

Mermaid Cat

1 –  “I might look like a Pisces, but I was born in November!”

FACT: The sirens of Ancient Greece were actually not fish at all but bird-women (half woman, half bird! They used their bird-like voices to draw the mariners into the rocks.

Author: Gus Barge

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