Ten of the Very Best Recipes for Steamed Puddings You Will Find

It is not until you get older that you start to understand the saying “Not as good as grandma used to make.” You start to see the way things are made these days is never as personal, quality controlled or indeed a labour of love as much as your nan or mum used to do it. But that doesn’t stop them for still being tasty! So with that in mind I thought we would take a look at something I have not had in a very, very long time. Today we will try and find out just what is the World’s very best steamed puddings…



Steamed marmalade puddings with whisky liqueur custard
Steamed marmalade puddings with whisky liqueur custard

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A nice moist, fruity pudding that is perfect for these cold winter nights. Add the whisky liqueur custard into this mix and you have a very tasty pudding indeed. Fancy trying it?

Steamed Raspberry & Whisky Sponge Pudding

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This does sound really tasty. With the whisky powering the other flavours up your nose, it will be a sensation for the whole body to enjoy.

Traditional Jam Steamed Pudding

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This is the traditional way of eating steamed puddings. Nothing to hard to make, but that doesn’t mean it won’t taste amazing because it will! And thanks to the recipe and making guide it is really easy making it well worth a try at the very least.

Cardamom and almond steamed pudding

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All those tasty, crunchy almonds resting on top of that pudding are just begging to be eaten.

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Caramel Apple Steamed Pudding

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This lovely thick looking pudding is made from Granny Smith apples and various spices to make the taste of caramel and add a touch to bitterness to it.

Steamed Ginger Persimmon Pudding

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I have not tried this pudding, but I would imagine the ginger really makes it smell divine when steamed and rather tasty indeed.

Butterscotch Steamed Pudding

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I have never tried anything made with Butterscotch yet so maybe this is what I should start with! It sure does look tasty and perfect for an after-dinner treat.

Rhubarb steamed pudding

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Rhubarb puddings are one of those things to love and hate both at the same time. It would often taste sour and bitter, but then you would get a mouthful of hot, sweet sponge with some rhubarb and your opinion would change!

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Steamed syrup sponge pudding

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This is the pudding I remember having at school the most. With nice creamy Devon custard and a piping hot syrup sponge even as I type I can feel it sliding down my throat and into my belly warming me up.

Steamed chocolate and pear pudding

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Stop reading this rubbish and look at that picture! It does nothing short of making the mouth water and you just know the cold pear on top makes the hot chocolate pudding and chocolate sauce explode into the mouth.

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