Ten Pictures of What I Think a Catfish Should Look Like

Have you ever seen a real Catfish? Well, let me tell you that apart from the long whiskers it looks nothing like a real cat! Maybe they should just have called it a whisker fish! Well silly suggestions aside, it seems the only way I am going to be satisfied that a Catfish looks like a cat is to Photoshop it or make my own. The good news is people have already done just that and all I have to do is share the very best top 10 of them with you all…


BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Amazing Facts About Catfish.


What a Catfish should really look like
What a Catfish should really look like

10 – “Actually I’m not a fish, I am a Catwhale”

FACT: Have you ever tried Catfish? Well, it seems an awful lot of people have because well over 543 million pounds of catfish was produced in 2012!

What a Catfish should really look like

9 – “Well they say we are very forgetful but that just isn’t the case.  …Who are you again?”

FACT: Catfish are one of the few fish that don’t really have a breeding season, they just breed all year round, meaning that as a food source it is also available all year round.

What a Catfish should really look like

8 – “Why are you rubbing Lemon on me?!? Are you into that kinky stuff?!?”

FACT: Maybe it is time for Cod to move over as the most popular food source fish in the World, because in 1990 Catfish was not even in the top 100 of fish numbers eaten, but in 2012 it was the 5th most popular fish!

What a Catfish should really look like

7 – “Catfish? No, I am much more than that, I am a Lionfish!”

FACT: While Catfish is eaten all over the World about 80% of all the World’s farm-raised catfish are born and raised in the USA!

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What a Catfish should really look like

6 – “Yes! I am a beautiful Catfish, and no I am NOT made of real gold.”

FACT: Catfish are harvested in nets when they only weigh between 1 and 1 1/2 pounds, this is because any bigger or indeed older and they can be quite strong and difficult to catch.

What a Catfish should really look like

5 – “I lay in wait, looking for smaller prey to hunt, but I have never seen a mouse fish!”

FACT: When a catfish reaches 4″ long they are called “fingerlings” because that is the size of the average index finger!

What a Catfish should really look like

4 – “Eat other fish? That’s disgusting, I just get out the water and buy some kitty nibbles!”

FACT: When catfish are young they still live off of the food supplied by the yolk sacs, and for that reason are often called “sac fry.”

What a Catfish should really look like

3 – “I’m not a Catfish, I am a Catermaid!”

FACT: The Catfish can safely be fished in very large quantities because it lays up to 4,000 eggs a year per pound of body weight! And some Catfish have a lot of pounds of body weight.

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What a Catfish should really look like

2 – “I got a what on my face?!?” I always wondered why they called me Goldie.”

FACT: Farm raised catfish eat feed pellets that float on top of the water, but the strange part is that a Wild catfish is, in fact, a bottom feeder!

What a Catfish should really look like

1 –  “You better put me back in the water or I will scratch your face off with my fins!”

FACT: Catfish that are used for consumption are raised only in freshwater ponds, but the real surprise is that those ponds are normally only about four to six feet deep!

Author: Gus Barge

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