Ten Super-Cool Cats Loving Ice Cream One Lick at a Time

A while ago now I did a post called “Top 10 Best Dogs Loving Ice Cream” and so I think it is time for the cats to have a go as well and given the fact that it is the last days of summer as well. With the important factor being the “cream” part of the word Ice-Cream, it seems cats really do love them. So without further delay, I hope to bring you fun and smiles in today’s Caturday post…


Also: Top 10 Facts about Ice Cream


A cat that loves snow cones
A cat that loves snow cones

10 – Rainbows taste good! (I know this is a snow cone, but it is too good not to share it)

FACT: Many people do not know the origins of ice cream, but either it dates to A.D 54–68 where Roman Emperor Nero is said to have sent his slaves into the mountains to fetch snow to mix with nectar, fruit pulp, and honey though it is just speculation. Other sources claim in A.D. 618–907, China’s T’ang period, ice cream was probably a dish for the country’s rulers. The founder of the dynasty, King T’ang of Shang, kept 94 “ice men” on hand to lug ice to the palace to make a dish made of koumiss (heated, fermented milk), flour, and camphor.

A cat that loves ice-cream toppings

9 – “You could never prove I ate that little boys ice-cream, he is a born liar!!

FACT: Americans eat on average 20 quarts a year, and that is enough ice cream to fill up 5 gallons of milk, that is a lot of dairy!

cats that love ice-cream

8 – “Paws off this is mine, you dropped yours!”

FACT: Vanilla takes up to 20-29% of overall sales of ice cream with chocolate coming in a very distant second.

A cat that loves ice-cream

7 – “This ice-cream is so cold it makes me wish I had kept my clothes on!”

FACT: The largest ice cream cone measured 2.81 m (9 ft 2.63 in) in height and was achieved by Mirco Della Vecchia and Andrea Andrighetti of Italy.

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A cat that loves ice-cream

6 – Just one Cornetto, Give it to me, Delicious ice-cream, From Italy!

FACT: The Michigan State University Dairystore (MSU Dairystore to Spartans) have created their own ice cream, sesquicentennial swirl, to commemorate MSU’s sesquicentennial celebration in 2005. It is a mixture of white cake batter ice cream with a thick green fudge swirl surrounded by green and white cake pieces.

A cat that loves ice-cream

5 – “This stuff is so good it made me go cross-eyed!”

FACT: The central region of the U.S. created the most production of ice cream and related frozen products. It created producing 726 million gallons in 2011! Turns out all those cows and fields turn out something great.

A cat that loves ice-cream

4 – “Mint is just the best flavour ever made!

FACT: June is the month that the most ice cream is produced because it is often just in time for summer distribution.

A cat that loves ice-cream

3 – “Holiday time and everything is going to be fine.”

FACT: Ben and Jerry’s has 46 flavours. Some retired flavours include White Russian, Rainforest Crunch, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Devil’s Food Chocolate.

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cats that love ice-cream

2 – We always dare to share, it makes us closer that way.

FACT: Seven different accounts were taken about the creation of the waffle ice cream cone from the World Fair. Some claim Ernest Hamwi, a Syrian concessions vendor, curled a waffle cookie and transformed it into a receptacle for ice cream.

A cat that loves ice-cream

1 –  “Oh my, my, my precious! We will not let that dirty doggo get you, my love.”

FACT: Some weird flavours of ice cream include buckwheat ice cream, bacon, beer flavoured ice cream, and Parmesan gelato.

Author: Gus Barge

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