Ten of the Craziest Mental Health Conspiracy Theories You Will Ever Hear

I warn people now, there will be a lot of triggers in this post, but also a lot of interesting thoughts and theories. So you have now been warned, so lets get on with it. If you read as many mental health posts and books as I have done you will soon come across some sort of conspiracy theory that people link to mental health. Some are crazier than a soup sandwich, but others…they might make you stop and wonder if they really are true…


Mental Health Conspiracy Theories
Mental Health Conspiracy Theories

Mental Health is a Myth!

Let’s get the main trigger point out of the way so people can rage over it or simply ignore it. Sadly there are people out there who believe mental health is not real at all. It’s just an excuse for people not to work, or do bad things to others. These are the people who will tell you too “Man Up!” or “Get Over it Already!”. Most of them might not say that that they believe it is a myth out loud, but some are willing to shout it from the hill-tops. The good news is peoples beliefs and thoughts surrounding mental health are changing at a rapid rate.

Mental Health Conspiracy Theories

Mental Health is Just a Way to Disprove Other Conspiracy Theories!

One of the biggest problems with believing in some sort of a conspiracy theory is that people think you are a little bit crazy. Believe in aliens or that there was a 2nd gunman on the grassy knoll? Maybe you are a little crazy and that just means you are suffering from mental health problems. What I like about this one is the infinite loop of discussion you can have about it. The more you try to disprove it, the more of a conspiracy theory it becomes!

Mental Health Conspiracy Theories

People With BPD Have Spidey Sense

Those of us with Borderline Personality Disorder will find this one very interesting. What if, BPD wasn’t a “problem” at all, in fact, if you suffer from BPD you should see it as a “Gift” of sorts. So what is this about? Well…most people with BPD will tell you they have a strange ability to read other peoples emotions without talking to them, without touching them, they can simply…sense how another person is feeling! While some might say that is little more than heightened Empathy others might say it is a superpower!

Mental Health Conspiracy Theories

People With Dissociative Identity Disorder Are Advanced Humans

Ok, things are about to get crazy here. There are people all over the world with split personality disorders that have indeed performed some pretty crazy things. One woman with DID has personalities with different blood types, others have proven to cure their own diseases by jumping to a different personality! As more and more people become aware of mental health problems more of these “cases” are appearing. Is it true? I have no idea, but it sure is weird and does make you think.

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Mental Health Conspiracy Theories

Vaccinations Cause Autism

We have all seen the adverts telling people to get their children vaccinated, but a LOT of people believe the doctors and government are ignoring studies that show these vaccinations cause autism in some children! While I am not going to get into the “proof” or the “denial” I will say there is a lot of discussion surrounding this theory if you wish to go deeper into it. All I can suggest is that you look at BOTH sides of the argument, not just one.

Mental Health Conspiracy Theories

Global Warming is Causing Mental Health Problems

Now, this is a weird one that I found in a conspiracy theory forum. Some people do believe that the worse Global Warming gets, the more people will show signs of suffering from some sort of mental health condition. The effect of global warming is cooking or freezing the human brain and causing problems to develop! While I can imagine more people suffering from depression due to all the apocalyptic news surrounding it, I can’t imagine this is true as everyone living in the Earths extremes would be suffering from mental health issues! While I am sure there are people in these places who do suffer from mental health, it will only be a small percentage.

Mental Health Conspiracy Theories

Everyone Has Mental Health Problems!

This is another one that might trigger people so be warned. This kind of stems from the first conspiracy theory I mentioned “Mental Health is a Myth!” as some people do believe everyone has mental health problems, but most people choose to ignore it while “snowflakes” play up on it! While I can agree that anyone can instantly develop mental health problems, noticing them or being deeply and profoundly impacted by them doesn’t make anyone a “snowflake”! This is a classic problem with mental health. Until you have developed a mental health problem you don’t understand how much a problem it can be!

Mental Health Conspiracy Theories

The Chemicals In Modern Food Causes Mental Health Problems!

This one has been doing the rounds ever since GM crops were developed. Even something as simple as a loaf of bread can contain various chemicals most are designed to make it taste better and make it last longer, but some do believe these un-natural things cause some people to develop mental health problems! While I like this one and believe we should all try to as healthy as possible it presents mental health as something of a modern phenomenon, when it is not. People have been suffering from mental health problems ever since humans walked the Earth, its just it is more acceptable to have them these days so of course more people are recognised as having them.

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Mental Health Conspiracy Theories

Drinking Tap Water Causes Mental Health Problems

Do you find yourself filling the kettle up from the tap or maybe drinking a glass of water fresh from it? If you do you use a public tap might want to stop because some people believe all the chemicals used to clean water for consumption are what is causing more people to develop mental health problems! Ever since the introduction of public water fluoridation, this theory has been doing the rounds. At first, it was causing cancer and other illnesses, but these days people seem to link it to numbers of people suffering from mental health problems.

Mental Health Conspiracy Theories

Drug Companies Are Making Mental Health a Reality

Once again this one comes from the very first theory and might trigger people so be warned. There are countless conspiracy theories surrounding drug companies, but this one is relating to mental health. Once again it is based on the crazy theory that there is no such thing as mental health and it is drug companies making it all up and promoting it to sell more product. If this was indeed true I’m pretty sure they would try and hide any story promoting wellness as an alternative to taking medically prescribed drugs. But like any of these crazy theories, if you want to believe they are true you will soon find someone who feels the same and some sort of link that creates the echo chamber you need to confirm it is the truth.

I hope this post hasn’t triggered anyone too badly and if you think these ten theories are nuttier than squirrel poo just imagine the ones people don’t say out loud or on conspiracy theory forums!

Author: Gus Barge

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