Ten of the Most Common Symptoms of Anxiety You Should Be Aware of

Just about anyone, at any age can experience any of these symptoms of anxiety and having just one or two of them might mean nothing. This doesn’t mean your anxiety isn’t real, it just probably means you are coping with it better than others and you should be happy about this. Perhaps you already use CBD products from somewhere like Organic CBD Nugs for your general wellbeing, and they are also helping your mental health without you being aware of it. But, if you are showing more than a few symptoms of anxiety, then you might want to tell a doctor or medical professional as it might be a sign you are not coping well at all. Do you believe you are suffering from anxiety? Here are just ten of the most common signs of it…


Did You Know Constant Headaches Could Be a Sign of Anxiety?

Constant Headaches

Constant headaches and migraines are very common symptoms or anxiety as you are constantly putting your own brain under a lot of stress simply by leaving the house or doing something else that causes you to suffer anxiety. As with all the signs of anxiety you will read about on this list it could also be the sign of something physical like your eyesight or lack of vitamins.

Did You Know Feeling Dizzy Could Be a Sign of Anxiety?

Feeling Dizzy

This is often the result of having a full-blown panic attack and can leave people feeling even more scared and anxious than they already were. As always it could also be something physical causing this, but this is one of those symptoms that really should be sorted out as soon as possible by a trip to your GP.

Did You Know Weak Legs Could Be a Sign of Anxiety?

Weak Legs

This often goes hand in hand with the dizziness and it means you feel like your legs are made of jelly or rubber and you can barely stand. This will often result in you collapsing against a wall or at the very least stumbling forwards or to the side. This is a flight or flight reaction and it is the result of your body getting ready for something bad by pushing the blood around the body much faster.

Did You Know Fast Heart Beat Could Be a Sign of Anxiety?

Fast Heart Beat

Otherwise known as heart palpitations this is when you feel as if your heart is going to burst out of your chest and to some people it can even feel as bad as having a heart attack! But that is not what is going to happen and once again it is all down to the flight or fight response of the body.

Did You Know Body Sweating Could Be a Sign of Anxiety?

Body Sweating

IF you have ever been sat doing nothing, or suddenly start to sweat for no reason at all you are probably suffering from anxiety. This is caused by the body getting ready to run! Although this can be a scary sign sweating is actually pretty good for the body, but unjustified sweating should still be taken seriously.

Did You Know Body Tension Could Be a Sign of Anxiety?

Body Tension

You might think having your body tense up is nothing to be concerned about, but in some more extreme cases, it can cause muscles to ache and even temporary paralysation!

Did You Know Shortness of Breath Could Be a Sign of Anxiety?

Shortness of Breath

This is probably the scariest sign of anxiety on this list and can feel much like the fast heart beating, but you can’t get a good breath. This over-breathing (otherwise known as hyperventilation) is ironically best solved by taking deep breaths. But when you are suffering from it that is often the last thing you can think of doing.

Did You Know Constant Digestive Problems Could Be a Sign of Anxiety?

Constant Digestive Problems

You might not link the stomach and the mind, but they really are connected in a vast number of ways. Much like your mind, the stomach is really suggestive to stress and even the smallest amount of stress caused by anxiety will make you feel like you have a constantly upset stomach. Once again this could also be a sign of something wrong physically as well so do consult a doctor ASAP.

Did You Know Avoiding Things Could Be a Sign of Anxiety?

Avoiding Things

Do you find yourself avoiding going out of the house as much as possible, or maybe you often make up excuses not to go out with your friends? If you do you are probably suffering from one of the most common signs of anxiety. This can often make your own anxiety worse and can even cause depression as well so do be away of this sign and your avoidance to do certain things. It doesn’t even have to be going out of the house, it could be something as simple as avoiding looking out of the window or turning the TV on.

Did You Know Fatigue Could Be a Sign of Anxiety?


Do you constantly find yourself feeling tired and then when you do go to bed you can’t sleep? Anxiety is sadly naturally tiring, but as a result of itself, you also feel even more anxious about your own tiredness! This is probably the most common of the signs of anxiety but is often the most overlooked as well.

As I said at the start of this post if you are showing more than a few signs of anxiety you really do need to seek professional medical advice, so do consider booking an appointment with your local doctor or GP to discuss your issues with them, or at the very least consult with a friend or family member about your concerns. Never suffer in silence when there is a helping hand out there to be grabbed.

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