Ten Weighted Blanket FAQ’s You Really Should Be Asking

If you have been looking at the pro’s and con’s of weighted blankets online you probably have a few FAQ’s that you could do with being answers. While I can’t answer every single question people will have I can deal with the most frequently asked ones. For most people, these answers should be enough to make a purchase, but for many others, these truthful answers might put them off, but I can only bring you the truth…


Weighted Blanket FAQ's

Do They Work For Depression and Anxiety?

When it comes to the ‘Benefits to Getting a Weighted Blanket‘ they really are down to the individual rather than anything like the quality of the blanket itself. I can tell you that personally it really did help me with not only getting to sleep, but it also helped my Depression and Anxiety levels. Sadly the only way to know if they will work for you is to try one and that is why getting a cheap one first time around is the best way to go.

Weighted Blanket FAQ's

How Do Weighted Blankets Work?

The exact feeling you get from a weighted blanket has a name, it is called ‘Deep-Pressure Sensation’ and it goes back to your babyhood in which you would not sleep until the weight of a normal blanket was on top of you. So now, as an adult (children really shouldn’t use weighted blankets) you need more weight in order to get that ‘Deep-Pressure Sensation’. That Pressure Sensation makes you feel safe and warm and can in many people reduce some mental health disorders.

Weighted Blanket FAQ's

Why Should I Buy a Weighted Blanket?

This is one a lot of people ask and sadly it is once again down to the individual as to whether they are worth buying. To be honest, if you are even thinking of getting one you should probably give one a go. When you have tried therapy, tried or don’t want to try medication to help you sleep and feel you are restless in bed do give one a chance. The worst that can happen is that it doesn’t work and you have to return it.

Weighted Blanket FAQ's

What Weight Should I Get?

As a general rule, you should always get a weighted blanket that is no more than 10% of your own body weight. But you should consider things like the amount you can lift, the amount other people who might make your bed or do the washing can lift and indeed the size to weight ratio as an 8KG single weighted blanket weights the same as an 8KG double blanket, but the single will feel much heavier.

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Weighted Blanket FAQ's

How Do I sleep With a Weighted Blanket?

This is something you will need to experiment with and it was something I personally struggled with the early days of owning one. I tried with a duvet, without one inside a cover, outside and in the end, I realised it was just better to sleep with just the weighted blanket and nothing else. The truth is you will need to do your own testing and find out which way is best for you.

Weighted Blanket FAQ's

What is Inside a Weighted Blanket?

What goes inside a weighted blanket is often linked to how much they cost. The cheaper blankets tend to be filled with pockets of plastic beads, or even glass beads, but some of the more expensive ones have sheets of lead material inside or even graphite. As a general rule the more you pay the more the weight is spread out inside of them thanks to the thing that is causing the weight. As I have said many times already it is best to try a cheap one before you spend hundreds on the better ones.

Weighted Blanket FAQ's

How do You Clean a Weighted Blanket?

Sadly they are not something you could simply put into the washing machine as it would probably break most of them, but most weighted blankets do have a washable cover. With it comes to the insides of the blanket you should be using a fabric spray or even a protective waterproof cover if you need it. It is worth asking the seller if the product has a washable cover as some don’t.

Weighted Blanket FAQ's

Do Weighted Blankets Make You Feel Warm?

This is something I personally suffered from the first few nights of owning a weighted blanket. It was just too hot with a duvet, but I was too cold using just the blanket itself. In the end, I did end up getting a bigger, warmer weighted blanket, but I am grateful for the first one as it was a good test of whether or not I benefited from one without spending too much money one. There is no real way of knowing if you will get too hot or you will feel just right until you try one.

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Weighted Blanket FAQ's

Who Are Weighted Blankets For?

You could say they will benefit almost anyone. From Veterans to restless children, from young happy adults to those who are older and suffering from depression and looniness. The range of people who can benefit from one is massive, but as I keep saying it is down to the individual. Some people enjoy using them and sadly to others weighted blankets can be dangerous. Yes, children can use a weighted blanket, provided it is the right weight and it doesn’t smother them. I think if you are not sure if they are right for you, that is probably a sign you should try one.

Weighted Blanket FAQ's

Can Weighted Blankets be Dangerous?

And we end with the question most people should be asking but very few will. The level of danger a weighted blanket brings is only related to the person using it. Yes, they can be dangerous for small children and even some frail people, but mostly they are no more dangerous than a tucked-in blanket. As long as you are sticking to the 10% body weight rule when it comes to buying a weighted blanket you should be fine.

If you have any other FAQ’s you would like to know from someone who has been using these weighted blankets for years do let me know in the comments below.

Author: Gus Barge

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