Ten of the Very Best Installation Art Works of 2014

Much like I did last year, I will do the same this year (See 2013 here: Top 10 Best Installation Art Works 2013) So the big question is: Has it been a good year for art? Well, I think the truth is that is has been a very environmental themed year with the planet as a whole being the theme. But that also means there have been some rather impressive big art installations…



Top 10 Best Installation art Works 2014
Sonja Hinrichsen – Snow Drawings

10 – Sonja Hinrichsen

Previous years has seen Sonja Hinrichsen be a lot busier than 2014, but her new 2014 Snow Drawing really shows how complexed and integrated her designs have become. It is like a journey of growing talent and ability through each year of her artworks. The scale of this is simply mind-blowing.

Top 10 Best Installation art Works 2014
Guerrilla creative house – Potholes

9 – Guerrilla creative house

There have been several attempts this year at pothole art. Some people filled them with flowers, others just repaired them themselves, and others made amazing mosaics inside of them. But nothing compares to the sheer hilarity that this Kazakhstan marketing group came up with, insert papier-mache legs with a pair of brightly-coloured socks on them!

Top 10 Best Installation art Works 2014
Studio Roosegaarde – Glow-in-the-dark Bike Path

8 – Studio Roosegaarde

This is not just a glowing bike path, it was beautiful and innovative as well. Made to look like Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night painting. It is hoped that one day all cycle paths will become glowing works of art, for both safety and beauty.

Top 10 Best Installation art Works 2014
Os Gemeos – Giants

7 – Os Gemeos

2014 much like any year was full of amazing street art by amazingly talented people. But it is Brazilian graffiti artists Os Gemeos who take my best street art crown away. These murals are 70ft tall towers that would otherwise have been nothing more than a greys blot on the landscape.

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Top 10 Best Installation art Works 2014
Klasse Löbbert – Leuchtturm

6 – Klasse Löbbert

Made by a trio of art students from Klasse Löbbert in Germany is this stunning stained glass electricity pylon! It’s just a shame that all pylons can’t look this good.

Top 10 Best Installation art Works 2014
State of Play – Lumino City

5 – State of Play

These days there is a very thin line between digital art and Videogames. But this is what made that line almost invisible. This is officially the first handmade videogame made entirely out of paper, card, miniature lights and motors! The game looks amazing for it and was a worth a place in this top 10 for sure.

Top 10 Best Installation art Works 2014
Tsuyoshi Tane – Light is Time

4 – Tsuyoshi Tane

Without anything else even comes close to the beauty that was “Light is time” means this had to make it onto my top 10 of the year. With words being thrown around by the people who visited it like “Stunning” and “an experience never to be forgotten” I am just annoyed that I didn’t manage to make time to see it myself.

Top 10 Best Installation art Works 2014
Leandro Erlich – Dalston House

3 – Leandro Erlich

I personally think Dalston House was not only a good for the artist but good for art as a whole. It reminded people that art is to be enjoyed, talked about-about more importantly only as good as the way they see it themselves.

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Top 10 Best Installation art Works 2014
Alex Chinneck – Melting House

2 – Alex Chinneck

If you follow anything about art you had to have been walking around with your head in the sand to have not heard about Alex Chinneck’s amazing art installation called “A Pound Of Flesh For 50p” all over social media it both amazed people and horrified them. But the sheer amount of discussion about art as a whole it started means it just had to make it into this list.

Top 10 Best Installation art Works 2014
Paul Cummins – Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red

1 – Paul Cummins

Not only best artist of the year, but probably man of the year as well! Nothing on this earth was more photographed and talked about than this art installation of almost 1 million ceramic poppies. Heck, even the Queen herself popped down to plant one in the ground! It moved people, made them smile, cry and just about every emotion there was to be got from art. It did it, and it did it in style.

Author: Gus Barge

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