Ten Facts About Canstruction Sculptures

Welcome to the imaginative world of Canstruction, where creativity meets philanthropy in a stunning display of ingenuity! In this blog post, we will explore ten fascinating facts about Canstruction sculptures, an initiative that combines the fun of sculpting with the serious business of fighting hunger. From colossal structures made entirely out of canned foods to the impact these artworks have on local communities, prepare to be amazed by the creativity and community spirit embodied in each sculpture. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a philanthropist, or someone looking for inspiration to make a difference, these insights into Canstruction will surely capture your imagination and perhaps inspire your next big project. Let’s dive into the world of cans, creativity, and compassion!

Etch A Sketch made with tins of food

FACT: Canned tuna is the number one most used building material among the Canstruction sculptures, in fact, it makes up a very fishy 11% of all cans used! Why? Because of the compact design of the tins.

The Simpsons made with tins of food

FACT: Although most of the designs seem to be random there are competition rules about the size of them! Constructions are not allowed to be larger than 10 feet wide, 10 feet long
and 10 feet tall!

octopus made with tins of food

FACT: 8% of people who get food from food banks filled with the Canstruction earned tins are working full-time, but still can’t afford to feed their family’s.

Big Bird and Oscar the grouch made with tins of food

FACT: Canstruction teams take the competitions very seriously and the team often consist of a designer, architecture, engineer and a construction specialist!

Piano made with tins of food

FACT: Since January 2009 the requests for food assistance from the charity has more than doubled! Some say that this is because people are more aware of food banks, but I think that is rubbish and it is just a sign of more and more people struggling.

Hello Kitty made with tins of food

FACT: 55,000 volunteer hours are spent each year sorting, packing, and distribution of the food raised by the events.

Battleships game made with tins of food

FACT: 90% of all the food raised by Canstruction goes to vulnerable seniors! A sad sign of the times indeed.

Angry Birds made with tins of food

FACT: In 2012 alone Canstruction raise over 3,401,951 lbs of tinned food! Which is about 5 million dollars in value!

R2-D2 made with tins of food

FACT: Since it began the Canstruction charity events have given out 2,517,443 meals! And all of them consisting of 1.4 cans per meal.

Super Mario Bros made with tins of food

FACT: Canstruction has been running every year for the last 30 years! A lot longer than most people think.

Author: Gus Barge

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