Have you ever made shadow animals against a wall? It’s funny how sometimes just the shape of the hand looks just like an animal! Artist Guido Daniele has also noticed that and has taken the art of hand animal mimicry to a whole new level…



Top 10 Amazing Animal Hand Paintings

Snow leopard Hand Painting

10 – Snow leopard – guidodaniele.com/hand-painting/handpaint-art.html

Guido Daniele developed this body painting technique while working in advertising. But skills like this are something you are born with (my opinion).

Top 10 Amazing Animal Hand Paintings

Iguana Hand Painting

9 – Iguana – guidodaniele.com/hand-painting/handpaint-art.html

From reptiles to birds to mammals. The artist also does coral reefs, plants and even trees and windmills all made from paint and hands!

Top 10 Amazing Animal Hand Paintings

Parrot Hand Painting

8 – Parrot – guidodaniele.com/hand-painting/handpaint-art.html

You will soon notice how it is hard to work out where the fingers lay under the painting sometimes. But I promise you that is all these images are. hands and paint, nothing more.

Top 10 Amazing Animal Hand Paintings

Elephant Hand Painting

7 – Elephant – guidodaniele.com/hand-painting/handpaint-art.html

There are times like this Elephant when the natural cracks in the skin seem to add to the realism of the painting.

Top 10 Amazing Animal Hand Paintings

Dolphin Hand Painting

6 – Dolphin – guidodaniele.com/hand-painting/handpaint-art.html

Some of these hyper-realistic hand painting illusions seem almost 3 dimensional.

Top 10 Amazing Animal Hand Paintings

Dog Hand Painting

5 – Dog – guidodaniele.com/hand-painting/handpaint-art.html

I love that the artist calls these “Handimals” it sounds like something a TV show would be called.

Top 10 Amazing Animal Hand Paintings

Snake Hand Painting

4 – Snake – guidodaniele.com/hand-painting/handpaint-art.html

It’s not just the artists painting talent that makes these animals look so realistic, it is also about the positions of the hands and fingers.

Top 10 Amazing Animal Hand Paintings

Duck Hand Painting

3 – Duck – guidodaniele.com/hand-painting/handpaint-art.html

This is a lot better than when I do a hand impression of a duck. But I also make a pretty convincing duck noise as well.

Top 10 Amazing Animal Hand Paintings

Clownfish Hand Painting

2 – Clownfish – guidodaniele.com/hand-painting/handpaint-art.html

It seems ‘Finding Nemo’ is as simple as knowing the back of your own hand!

Top 10 Amazing Animal Hand Paintings

Zebra Hand Painting

1 – Zebra – guidodaniele.com/hand-painting/handpaint-art.html

From now on you might never look at those silly hand shadow animals the same way.


Which one did you like?

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