Top 10 Obviously Fake Ferraris

This post isn’t about some dodgy second-hand car dealer! The very fake Ferraris you are about to see are often made by fans of the sports car, people that that can’t afford to own a real Ferrari car so they have decided to make their own…



Top 10 Obviously Fake Ferraris
Ferrari Van

10 – Van

While Ferrari has been making cars since 1947, I can’t imagine them making any red sports vans anytime soon. But I do love the vintage style of the van even if it is a fake.

Ferrari Segway

9 –Segway

I can’t imagine Ferrari even thinking about making a limited edition Segway, but you just never know. Maybe this is a real thing and there is someone, somewhere zooming about on it.

Ferrari Limousine

8 – Limousine

It might have made it into my list of “Top 10 Most Unusual Limousines” but it is still a fake. And I would imagine it can’t do 0-60 in under 10 seconds like they claim neither.

Ferrari Smart-car

7 – Smart Car

It might be as cramped on space as a real Ferrari car, but this smart car is fooling no-one. But the fuel efficiency is a real bonus to this non-genuine roadster.

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Ferrari Lawn Tractor

6 – Lawn Tractor

If you need to cut the lawn fast so you can get back to watching F1 what you need is the ultimate fan-made grass cutter! 0-60 blades of grass in under a minute!

Ferrari Family Car

5 – Family Car

While it is a very good illusion it must have been done by someone who has realised they will never be able to afford the real thing.

Ferrari Snail

4 – Snail

If you want your snail to look a little bit faster painting Ferrari colours onto it is going to do the trick. 0-60 in…well, never!

Ferrari Scooter

3 – Scooter

Did Vespa and Ferrari ever work together? Well, I don’t think so and I’m calling it a fake. But if you can prove me wrong I will take it back.

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Ferrari Tank

2 – Tank

If I had to guess how you get into this tank I would imagine there is a hole to get into it on the top. Let us hope it has a gun turret that pops out of the bonnet just to make it even more awesome.

Ferrari Speed Boat

1 – Speed Boat

I would have said this was a speedboat, but the company who makes it calls it a Supercar yacht. Either way, it is one cool fake that I would be more than happy to own.

Author: Gus Barge

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