Ten Pimp My Ride Fails You Wouldn’t Have Seen on the Show

Most of us have seen the TV show or at the very least seen images of some of the cars that have been “pimped” since the show began. But let’s face it, sometimes they go too far! Sometimes it is just too crazy or over the top and makes it look rubbish, and sometimes people try and copy what they see on the TV show…


Top 10 Pimp my Ride Fails
Car with cardboard modifications

10 – Board and lonely

I do understand that some car parts and modifications are rather expensive. But their reason is that they are considered luxury or “add-on” items, not necessary cars parts, but using cardboard pimp over to this level is just making you look weird, not cool.

Top 10 Pimp my Ride Fails
Funny car with loads of exhausts

9 – The burners

Well, I got exhausted just counting how many exhausts this car has, and just what is the point! I know a supercar need to have a big exhaust, but the only thing super about this car is maybe the gold statue in the back of it!

Top 10 Pimp my Ride Fails
Funny gullwing doors

8 – Seagull doors

Have I always wanted to own a car with those super cool, amazing gullwing doors? Well much like every other alpha male of course I have, but it doesn’t mean I want then on a 3 door hatchback! I want the sports car to match the doors.

Top 10 Pimp my Ride Fails
Car with funny rear spoiler

7 – Spoil Sport

Look, I know how this person feels I really do. I have always wanted to own a car that goes fast enough to need a rare spoiler, but I’m useless at saving. But that doesn’t mean I rush out and make one from wood! Ther eis definitely a very odd person who did this, or maybe a comedian.

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Top 10 Pimp my Ride Fails
Car covered in fridge magnets

6 – Its easy as A-Z

I know what you are thinking, you are thinking how amazing it would be to place thousands of alphabet fridge magnets all over your car. Well, sit back down, because it has already been done and looks kind of silly. But it has to be said kind of cool as well. But only a little bit, not enough to justify doing it.

Top 10 Pimp my Ride Fails
Strange car modification

5 – Weird!

It doesn’t matter how much I keep looking at this image it seems that I just can’t work out what this person is trying to mod their car into. It looks like the rear end of a wingless plane. Very odd indeed and a real failure if ever I saw one.

Top 10 Pimp my Ride Fails
Louis Vuitton logo car

4 – More than just a name

When does a logo not make up for the poor quality product? Well in this vehicle someone thought if the put a big name designer logo all over the car then the car instantly becomes cool! Sadly for then, it doesn’t and just makes them look silly.

Top 10 Pimp my Ride Fails
Car with extra large wheels

3 – Rolling High

Sometimes when you get a bargain on some super-sized wheels on eBay it is hard to give up the fact that they are just too big for your car. So what you have to do is sell them on, or maybe start using a step ladder to get into the car! This person chooses the latter.

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Top 10 Pimp my Ride Fails
Car with massive truck exhausts

2 – Truck’in Dreams

It seems someone wanted to be a truck driver when they grew up, but for whatever reason, it was not meant to be. But that hasn’t stopped them from turning their family car into a one-stop truck pimp out.

Top 10 Pimp my Ride Fails
Car with hightended body frame

1 – School Run Style

You know how it gets, you have to pick up your children from school but yet again the local council has decided people are driving too fast down their road so they have installed speed bumps! Well, worry no more, because that hot cappuccino you got to enjoy while waiting for the kids to come out is to going to spill one drop in the high rider.

Author: Gus Barge

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