Top 10 Ways To Recycle and Reuse Tractors

When a farmer gets a new tractor, the old one is often used for part exchange and then shipped off out to developing countries or sent to the scrapyard. But there are a number of other ways in which you can recycle a tractor…



Tractor Grill Transformed Into a Wall Light
Tractor Grill Transformed Into a Wall Light

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Not much of the tractor is used for this idea, but it would be the perfect addition to any man cave.

Tractor Transformed Snowmobile

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Going on the Canadian flag I suppose it snows rather a lot here. Enough to turn this tractor into a cool Mad Max style snowmobile.

Tractor Radiator Transformed Into a Coffee Table

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With that massive radiator on the front of a tractor, you can create a unique piece of furniture that will become an instant talking point.

Tractor Transformed Into a Hog Roast Turner

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It might seem a little excessive for that back garden BBQ party, but if you have the room (and the old tractor you no longer need) why not go for it!

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Tractor Transformed Into a Dinosaur

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Some serious welding and mechanical skills are needed to this idea, but that is exactly what these two dinosaurs are, nothing but restyled tractors.

Tractor Seat Transformed Into a Bar Stool

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It might only be the seat that gets used, but it still looks amazing and would be perfect for that breakfast bar you always wanted.

Tractor Transformed Into a Garden Play Equipment

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While adult supervision is still advised kids will love playing around on an old tractor, even if they don’t have a cool character theme like this one.

Tractor Transformed Into a Giant Planter

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Tractors are often used to dig up and plant seeds, not be used as a planter themselves. But it does look amazing if a little big for my own garden.

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Tractor Transformed Into a Bedside Table and Lamp

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To some, this might look a little weird, but to others, it will be a designer rustic steel decor.

Tractor Transformed Into a Breakfast Table

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Ever wondered where farmers eat their breakfast? Well, now you know. They eat it from their old tractors that they have turned into tables.

Author: Gus Barge

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