Top 10 Weird and Unusual Shaped Boats

Looking back I have been to rather a lot of boat shows and events for someone who doesn’t know how to swim and doesn’t own a boat. But if I did know how to swim and I did own a boat I would probably be typing this while sat on one of these crazy boats…



Top 10 Weird and Unusual Shaped Boats
Skip Shaped Boat

10 – Skip

Sadly this image doesn’t do this boat justice, but it really was a refuse skip that was turned into a boat!  The perfect shape I suppose, just so long as it is not full of rubbish.

Picnic Table Shaped Boat

9 – Picnic Table

The problem with picnic tables is they are often placed too far away from the lakes and waters edge, this picnic table doesn’t have any such problems.

Caravan Shaped Boat

8 – Caravan

For those people who can’t be decided between a boating holiday and a caravan holiday comes the best of both worlds. The Caraboat.

Swan Shaped Boat

7 – Swan

This amazing pleasure tour boat is located in Fujiyoshida river and gives cruises by the hour! This just instantly went onto my bucket list.

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Character Shaped Boat

6 – Character

Paint a face on the main chimney of the boat and you have a silly-faced boat, but make a big red cap for it out of steal and suddenly you have something from the world of Thomas The Tank and Friends!

Duck Shaped Boat

5 – Duck

You are not going quackers, this really is a boat shaped like a duck! If that wasn’t weird enough it has heart-shaped windows for some reason. I wonder how much this cost because it must have been a big bill! (badum tish!)

Clog Shaped Boat

4 – Clog

In theory, you wouldn’t have to do much to a clog to make is seaworthy given that they are made from wood anyway. Just made one big enough to sit in!

Hot Dog Shaped Boat

3 – Hot Dog

It would have made for a much better story if the owl and the pussycat went to sea in a beautiful hot dog speedboat! I can only hope it is powered by ketchup.

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Shoe Shaped Boat

2 – Shoe

I wonder if this boat smells like a boating shoe?!? No matter how it smells it will still be a pain to do up those laces to secure it to the dock. Double knots will be essential!

Guitar Shaped Boat

1 – Guitar Shaped Boat

You know you are too rock and roll when you cruise around the local lakes on this guitar-shaped boat. Given that guitars are made from wood I suppose it is a better choice of an instrument than a tuba!

Author: Gus Barge

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