Top 10 Money Making Google AdSense Tips For Bloggers

I have been using Google AdSense for a while now and have even worked with some of the best ad management teams on the web. So I have decided to share a little bit of knowledge with you that can help grow revenue, but also stick to tight Google Adsense rules…




10 – Testing

Let’s start with the obvious tip. Try different sizes and style of ad in each ad block you have. While this is the most hit and miss option you will still find those winning hits if you try. If you don’t even try you won’t get anywhere!


9 – Maximise

Let me clarify what the official Google Adsense rules are. The max ads per page are 8! But not 8 of the same kind. You can have 3 banner ads (all different sizes) then up to 3 link units which are just text links, no pictures. And up to 2 Google Custom Search Boxes. These are search boxes that will pay you if someone uses them and clicks on an add. But these are the maximum levels, not suggested levels. Sometimes less is more when it comes to ads.

Mobile Ads

8 – Mobile Ads

Not only do some ad blocks not show up on a mobile website, but some mobile themes don’t show them at all! Make sure those ads are showing on a mobile and that they are mobile-friendly themselves. A desktop ad and a mobile ad are not the same things at all.


7 – Colour

While this doesn’t work so much for banner ads, text ads can become massive by simply changing the colour of them to better suit your blog’s style. But blending them in you stand a better chance of people clicking on them (even if it’s accidental).

[adinserter block=”7″]

Blocking Low Paying

6 – Blocking Low Paying

While this is a long-winded way to increase it, the results can be amazing. By blocking the lower paid advertisers from appearing on your site you will only get the bigger paying ads. But be warned, there is a fine line between blocking the low paid adverts and no adverts appearing at all.

Ad Management Team

5 – Ad Management Team

These are companies that will not only increase ad revenue but also increase your site traffic by making your site more optimised. The best thing of all is sites like Ezoic (Click Here To Sign Up) will do it all for free! (They just place a few ads now and again on your site) for anyone (like me) who is lazy or can’t be bothered with Adsense growth, this is the perfect solution.

Content Amount

4 – Content Amount

It might sound basic, but if you really want to increase your AdSense revenue try increasing your content amount! The more good quality content, the more people will come to your site, the more ad revenue you will earn!


3 – Traffic

OK, so this is a fairly obvious one. The more traffic your blog gets, the more money you will earn! Sometimes it’s easier to grow your blog more than trying to grow your AdSense revenue.

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Right Content

2 – Right Content

Making the right content can bring the right ad! Try blogging about things like SEO or insurance tips, something like that and watch that ad money grow and grow! The more it costs to post an ad in Google Adwords for it, the more money you will get for people clicking on it!


1 – Themes

The easiest way to insert ads and get the maximum ad revenue is to use a theme designed to do just that! Themes like SuperAds or ProMax Pro can be as easy as inserting the ads code and away you go! If you have any of your own tips let me know in the comments below.

Author: Gus Barge

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