Top 10 Ways To Make Money Blogging

There are hundreds of blog posts with this exact same title, but I wanted to throw my ideas into the web as well. I think everyone who has ever made good money blogging has tried most if not all of these ideas to monetize a blog. But I will tell you the ten that I think are the best and why you should use that method…



10 – Infolinks

Infolinks is a cross between text links and native content links. The plugin will make various keywords on your blog like to some other sites. You get paid per impression per click which is nice just in case people don’t click on it.

Outbound Links

9 – Outbound Links

This is not to be confused with guest posts. Sometimes you will be offered money in exchange for a link placed in content that already exists on your site. It involves very little work for you and can bring in some good money if the link is right.


8 – Ask

If you really don’t like most of these methods you could always stick on a donate button onto the sidebar. If your content provides real value to people they will donate.

Native Advertising

7 – Native Advertising
This is when you show related content or stories that are on other sites. Plugins like Ayboll and Zemanta are great for this. Most are easy to set up and do offer real value to the reader.


Advertising Space

6 – Advertising Space

This is not to be confused with something like Google Adsense. With this method, you sell the ad space yourself. Every sidebar block and banner are just waiting to be filled. While this can lead to amazing returns it is also a lot of very hard work maintaining and monitoring each and every ad block. But if you have the time it can be very lucrative indeed.

Selling Yourself

5 – Selling Yourself

If most professional bloggers are honest this is the single biggest way they make money. From doing talks, selling your writing services and even getting offered jobs! Your blog can be a real showcase of your talent.


4 – Banners

If you don’t want to publish ads allowing banners on certain posts can be a good monthly income. Having blog post on various genres will help this but it is a lot of work making sure people have paid up and you might even have to make the banners yourself.

Guest Posts

3 – Guest Posts

Guest posts can be a good way of bringing in income, but they are sadly like busses. You will wait for ages for one to come along then they will all come. But there is also a fine line between allowing guest posts and selling out your blog and making it look cheap.

Affiliate Links

2 – Affiliate Links

While the money is a little hit and miss from this style of income, I really like it because it can also help with growing content to talk about. No matter what you blog about, there has to be a product related to something that you could affiliate with.


1 – Ads

There are hundreds of ad sites that will be more than happy to take over your ad space. But the king of them all is Google Adsense. This is the best and easiest way to make money, but you need those readership numbers really high to make enough to live on. So just remember, good, quality content will always win. Care more about your readers than anything, because even if you have 1 reader a week that 1 person will help you grow.

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Author: Gus Barge

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