Ten Greedy Dogs Who Need Feeding Again and Again

Having owned a Labrador myself, I can understand some of the dogs on this list are labradors. They seem to be always hungry, but not for the sake of eating, but because they are greedy! But it’s not always Labradors that come running with their empty food bowls all the time, many other dogs do it as well…



Hungry Dog
Hungry Dog

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Don’t you give me those puppy dog eyes you have just eaten! OK, maybe just half a tin of dog food more, after all, you are a growing pup!

Hungry Dog

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Sometimes a picture says a thousand words. Or it just tells you the dog is hungry.

Hungry Dog

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Holding the bowl in the mouth is the international sign for “feed me now!” This is one of those dogs who love cake more than dog food!

Hungry Dog

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“Because you love me” is not a good enough excuse to have 2 bowls of food!

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Hungry Dog

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No! We can’t skip the bowl and pour the food directly into your mouth. Show some manners!

Hungry Dog

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Why has no-one ever thought of placing a sticker at the bottom of the food bowl saying “Feed Me Now!”

Hungry Dog

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This dog is hungry, or maybe just has a very odd shaped nose.

Hungry Dog

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You know your pet needs extra food when you are cooking your own food and your dog is playing it a little more attention than usual.

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Hungry Dog

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The old, ‘look at the empty cake wrapper with sadness in your eyes’ trick works every time with us sappy dog owners.

Hungry Dogs

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Once one learns the trick of getting some extra food, they soon all learn it.

I don’t think it would have been right not to end this post with a link to a dog charity what helps feed dogs that are really are hungry. So if you have some spare money do think about giving just a few £s or $’s. Even 1 is better than none. https://www.dogstrust.org.uk/donation/

Author: Gus Barge

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