Ten Claw-snapping Funny Dogs Dressed as Lobsters

Sometimes I will make these top 10’s by things that have inspired me throughout the day, sometimes I make a top 10 because I find an amazing image and sometimes I make them because other people’s blogs and social media posts inspired me. This top 10 is not any of those, it is made because I thought it might make people smile. Can I succeed? Let’s find out…


BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Lobster Jokes


Dog in Lobster Costume
Dog in Lobster Costume

10 – “What is so funny, and who turned out the lights?!?”

Q: Why doesn’t the lobster like to share with his friends?
A: Because he’s shellfish!

Dog in Lobster Costume

9 – “It’s because I am a Pug isn’t it. If I was a pit bull you wouldn’t do this!”

Q: What’s a lobster’s favourite TV show?
A: Claw and Order!

Dog in Lobster Costume

8 – “This wasn’t funny last, this year or any year! Now take it off me.”

Q: Lobster walks into a bar…
A: Bartender says, why the beady eyes?

Dog in Lobster Costume

7 – “Not only do you make me wear this rubbish, but you dye my fur!!!”

Q: Why don’t lobsters like to play basketball?
A: They don’t have the strength, height, or dexterity to get the ball in the hoop.

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Dog in Lobster Costume

6 – “…but I don’t even like seafood!!!”

Q: What’s redder than a lobster with a sunburn?
A: An embarrassed lobster with a sunburn!

Dog in Lobster Costume

5 – “…is this thing going to bite me?!?”

Q: Why did everyone like the lobster more after he was eaten?
A: He just came out of his shell!

Dog in Lobster Costume

4 – “I was a tiny insecure dog, but now I feel mean and shellfish!”

Q: How did the lobster get to be the CEO of a company?
A: He just clawed his way to the top!

Dog in Lobster Costume

3 – “Dress me up, but please don’t put me in the smelly wooden trap…oh. You did.”

Q: Why doesn’t a lobster like to golf?
A: Because he’s afraid of sand traps!

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Dog in Lobster Costume

2 – “You think this is funny wait until you see what I did in your shoe!”

Q: Why was the lobster afraid to go in into the wardrobe?
A: Because he was clawstrophobic!

Dog in Lobster Costume

1 –  “Well the bright side is that I don’t have to walk, the downside is I look STUPID!!!”

Q: Where does a lobster keep his clothes?
A: In the clawset!

Author: Gus Barge

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