Ten Pictures of Nerdy Dogs Who Any Geek Will Laugh at

The other day I was watching the new episode of Doctor Who while sat on the sofa, and about half-way the episode I suddenly realised that my dog was sat upright watching it as well! But is it more of a case of the dog copying what I was doing, or are some dogs just naturally nerdy? Well, this lot certainly are…


Top 10 Funny Images of Nerdy Dogs
Death Star Dog

10 – “Come at me with that X-wing fighter again and I will bite it!”

There was always going to be a few Star Wars themed dogs in this list. But this poor Pooch has a head cone on that its owner thought would look better with some Death Star decals on it. But needless to say the dog is not happy at all, but that might have more to do with the low quality of the drawing of its owner.

Top 10 Funny Images of Nerdy Dogs
Dog in a Legend of Zelda Costume

9 – A Link to the Tree

I think that I would have definitely have dressed up my dog if I had one during the time of playing Zelda. The image of this dog really seems to suit his costume. Brave, heroic and slightly medieval. And of course very nerdy indeed.

Top 10 Funny Images of Nerdy Dogs
Dog in a Elder Scrolls inspired Costume

8 – Battle Pup

With an owner that can knit and a nerd Yorkie that is happy to go into battle with the best of them, you end up with a photo that is not only funny but also really cool as well. My dog is just lucky I can’t knit to save my life!

Top 10 Funny Images of Nerdy Dogs
Dog Dressed as a Mutant Ninja Turtle

7 – Bulldog Power!

Strangely the most muscular legs of the Bulldog seems to pull this costume off rather nicely! But it is the mask that really finishes it off. A true cartoon nerd dog if ever I saw one. I bet he was a big fan of Turner and hooch back in its day as well.

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Top 10 Funny Images of Nerdy Dogs
Dog Dressed as the Starship Enterprise

6 – “For Gods sake Jim, I’m a Dog not a Spaceship!”

The face of this poor dog is utter bemusement! Maybe his real beef is with the low quality of the costume rather than the actual theme. I have to admit that I would laugh hard if I saw this mutt at my door come Halloween time.

Top 10 Funny Images of Nerdy Dogs
Dogs Dressed as Ewoks

5 – The Tree Dwellers

They might be small and love trees a lot, but they are always up for a fight. And then there are Ewoks. (See what I did there?) Anyway, these costumes are perfect and really suit that rough and wild style of fur that these breeds of dog seem to have.

Hulk Dog
Hulk Dog

4 – Don’t make him angry!

Looking just as muscular as the real hulk comes this bulk of a dog. If ever there was a personality of this dog to come out, it had to be the Hulk. But the ripped trousers all torn on the back of the dog is a real bonus.  I just hope that green dye is animal-friendly.

Top 10 Funny Images of Nerdy Dogs
Batman Dog


It is the face of a pug that makes all the images of them in Batman and any other fancy dress costume images look so funny. It is as if they can’t work out what is going on around them all the time, and the look of bemusement and puzzlement on this ones face is priceless.

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Top 10 Funny Images of Nerdy Dogs
Super Mario Dog

2 – Super Corgio

It is not often you see a Corgi dressed up as the favourite dog of the Queen herself can be quite nippy! So you don’t see people dress them up because they won’t let them. But for whatever exchange of treat or bribe, this one has gone along with it. Maybe he gets to rag about all those cool cushions afterwards, or maybe he really is a big fan of the Jumping Plumber!

Top 10 Funny Images of Nerdy Dogs
Dr Who Dogs

1 – The Whovian Dogs

Now, this should put a smile on the face of most animal lovers or nerds. I just can’t decide who I love the most, is it TARDIS dog that fits those blue colours perfectly, or is it Doctor Dog who looks exactly like Colin Baker? Well, I can’t decide, but I think this photo proves that dogs can indeed be just as nerdy as their human owners.

Author: Gus Barge

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