The Top 10 Types of Casino Games

The history books are not sure when gambling started. It might have been when one caveman said to another: “I bet you a T-rex tooth that you can’t catch that woolly mammoth…” I guess we will never know, but what we do know is that the ancient Chinese were fond of gambling and the Romans encouraged their kids to learn dice games. Many of the casino games we know and love today have evolved from much older games. For example, roulette was first played by the Egyptians, before being taken up as a working-class pursuit in 16 the century France, and Blackjack evolved from a card game popular during Napoleonic times. Today, there are many games to choose from if you decide to visit a casino or play online, but here are the most popular…




10 – Roulette

Everyone knows how to play roulette. Bet on red or black, or take your chance on a number if you can calculate the odds. It’s fun, it’s fast, and if you have luck on your side, you might just win.


9 – Poker

Poker is a game of mathematics and probability. In a casino, you get the chance to read your opponents, but playing online leaves you at something of a disadvantage as you won’t be able to see their faces. So you will need to work out the odds based on what cards have been played already.


8 – Blackjack

Blackjack, also known as 21, is a hugely popular game. Most people have played a game of Blackjack at some point in their life, usually with their own home. It’s a deceptively simple game, but fun


7 – Slots

Slots are fun and the bonuses are great. It is possible to win a multi-million-pound jackpot prize on slots if Lady Luck is on your side.

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6 – Baccarat

Baccarat is 007’s preferred casino game. This is a game of luck and skill, so you need to understand the rules to be a winner. It can take the time to get the hang of Baccarat, but once you understand how the game works, you will be hooked.


5 – Bingo

Everyone from your granny to the lady next door loves a game of bingo. It’s an easy game to play, with no skill required. Match a line and you win a prize. Yes, it is really that simple.


4 – Keno

Keno is a lottery style game. Pick your numbers, place a bet, and see how many numbers you match.

Sports Betting

3 – Sports Betting

If you enjoy betting on horses, dogs, or any other sport, sports betting is for you.

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2 – Craps

Craps is a dice game based on the number 7. Pick a number or place on the board and see what a roll of the dice brings.

Video Poker

1 – Video Poker

Video poker has been around since the 70s. This is a really simple retro game to play: the machine deals you five cards and you can discard or keep some or all of them to create the best hand.

Most people have their favourite casino game. What’s yours?

Author: Gus Barge

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