Ten Pictures of Pups in Cups Any Hot Drinker Will Enjoy

When I started to ask people which one they thought was the cutest looking in my post “Top 10 Animals in Cups” there was a clear winner. It was the small puppy dog that won over peoples hearts and so I thought I would up the cute factor as high as it will go. Sick bags at the ready because this is…


Top 10 Cutest Images of Pups in Cups
Big dog in small cup

10 – Almost Believable

I might just have been fooled by this image if it wasn’t for the fact that the dogs tail is sticking out the side of the cup! Well, it was a good try and given the right angle, it might have been a lot more believable.

Top 10 Cutest Images of Pups in Cups
Chihuahua in a McDonalds cup

9 – Drive Thru Pups

Are you popping into the shop but don’t want to take your dog, but are also worried that it might go under the seat and get lost forever? Well here is a handy life hack, just place your small best friend into an old McDonalds cup and it will still be there when you get back!

Top 10 Cutest Images of Pups in Cups
Dog in a popcorn cup

8 – Popdogs

It looks so sweet and lovable, I wish I had that cup right here next to me. And if you look closely there is a dog in there as well! In all seriousness, a dog asleep in a cup is cute anyway without it being a super sweet popcorn cup.

Top 10 Cutest Images of Pups in Cups
Cat sat in a cup

7 – Sit up and drink

The way this dog is sat upright in this cup never fails to make me smile. But he does seem to have a rather odd puzzled look on his face. Maybe he just did something in the cup that definitely isn’t coffee.

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Top 10 Cutest Images of Pups in Cups
White puppy in a red cup

6 – Spot the Dog

The contract in colours from the white-furred dog, to the bright red, spotted cup makes this image stand out from the others. Mind you, it does help that the dog is cuter than a basket full of kittens.

Top 10 Cutest Images of Pups in Cups
Puppy in a cup

5 – The Bow Brigade

This is a tiny little dog, in a snowman cup! But to top it off the little puppy has a pink box as well. This image is so cute I can hardly bear to look at it! This is also the original dog from my animals in cups post.

Top 10 Cutest Images of Pups in Cups
Dog in size matters cup

4 – Cup Size

Yes, size does matter when you can fit into a cup it does anyway. I suppose these cups make for good bottle feeding stations and of course toilets for the little ones. Although if a dog went to the toilet in my cup I would never use it again n matter how much it was cleaned.

Top 10 Cutest Images of Pups in Cups
Puppy in a pink cup

3 – Pink out

If you plan to take a picture of your puppy in a cup, you have to wonder what is the best way to make it look as cute as possible. Maybe try a nice pink cup that always seems to work, and maybe have your puppy hang over the edge of the cup in a place and manner. Oh, and if you can get your puppy to poke its cute little pink tongue out, even better.

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Top 10 Cutest Images of Pups in Cups
Dog in Starbucks Coffee Cup

2 – Star Barks

Here is a nice little spin on dogs in cups, this dog is in a sideways cup, meaning it can be much larger than a dog in an upright cup! Let’s face it he was never gonna go in front ways because of those enormous ears!

Top 10 Cutest Images of Pups in Cups
Puppy in a cup

1 – Mellow Yellow

Seriously, this small dog is so cute that it actually hurts eyeballs just to look at it! Maybe it’s the cute yellow jumper, or maybe it’s a cute pink heart cup, or maybe it is the big black eyes just seem to call you towards them. If there is any cuter image of a dog in a cup I would like to know.

Author: Gus Barge

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