Ten of the Worlds Craziest Things People Got Married To

Normally, people get married to living human beings but what if you really want to get married and you haven’t met that right person yet? Better still, what do you do when the love of your life is a dog, a cat or your pillow? Well, in most cases, the law won’t recognize your marriage if it is not to a living human being. It doesn’t mean that people don’t find the love of their lives in bizarre things though. Here is a look at the weirdest marriages ever held.


A Pirate’s Ghost

A Pirate’s Ghost

Jack Sparrow was a Haitian pirate that was killed over 300 years ago. There were claims that he influenced the writer of the famous series The Pirates Of The Caribbean but that wasn’t substantiated. In 2016, a woman named Amanda from Downpatrick, Northern Ireland claimed she had met Jack’s spirit while meditating and that the two were in love and the ghost had proposed to her.

To cut the long story short, Amanda took a boat and married Jack in international waters with the help of a Shaman. The ghost couldn’t wear a ring though, so she put the ring on a candle used to represent her ghost partner. She then divorced the ghost in 2018 after claiming he nearly killed her in her sleep.

A Snake

A snake is a word used to portray an unfaithful partner but that is not the case here. Evans Abwoga from Busia, Kenya lost his first wife then married a second one who was human alright. However, he had issues with his second wife, so he sought to end the marriage and marry his deceased wife’s sister instead. That wouldn’t work since his living wife refused to grant a divorce. Then one day, he found a white snake in his house and was convinced that it was the reincarnation of his dead wife. He decided to marry the snake instead in order to appease the dead.

The Eiffel Tower

Objectum Sexuality is a sexual orientation where people get attracted to inanimate objects which could range from bedsheets to mountains. Erika Eiffel took it to a whole new level when she decided to marry the Eiffel Tower claiming she had been in love with it for a long time. She had previously been in a relationship with her sword then the Berlin Wall but she decided that the Eiffel Tower showed her true love. She changed her name to Eiffel after the wedding witnessed by over 200 people in 2007 and the two are still happily married.

His Smartphone

Your partner is the person you have a deep connection with and if possible, spend most of the time with. To be honest, it is rare to spend most of the day with your partner nowadays because of the busy lifestyles people have unless that partner is your smartphone. In 2016, CBS News reported the marriage of Aaron Chervenak who claimed to have a deeper connection with his phone than with any other living human being. The marriage took place at the Little Vegas Chapel and was officiated by the chapel owner.

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The Berlin Wall

Erika Eiffel was once in love with the wall but could have been considered to be interfering in someone’s marriage because someone else had already married the Berlin Wall before her. Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer was diagnosed with Objectum sexuality long before Erika and married the Berlin wall in 1979 at the height of the cold war. She even changed her official names to Berlin Wall, in Swedish though. She must have been very heartbroken when it was pulled down.

A Corpse

Weddings are the exact opposite of funerals because one is celebrated while the other one is mourned. What happens when your fiancé dies before you get to marry her? Turns out, you could simply marry her corpse while mourning her. Xu Shinan and Yang Liu were to get married but the latter developed breast cancer which forced her to be bedridden for most of her final days on earth. Xu was forced to sit by her side and allegedly promised to marry her even in death and he did, at the funeral parlour in October 2019.

A Dying Cat

It is always sad to lose a pet, especially when you have been together for over a decade, but marrying one before she dies would be considered crazy. It is actually illegal to marry animals in most countries which is why Uwe Mitzscherlich of Eastern Germany had to pay an actress rather than a priest to officiate the marriage. The cat was named Cecilia and was terminally ill so the man decided to bond with her forever before her death. It is not clear how the man assumed the cat consented to the marriage though.

A Dog

What do you do after four broken engagements and 221 dates? Well, you could give up on dating men, or better still marry a dog! That is what happened to Elizabeth Hoad before she decided to marry Logan, her Golden Retriever on live TV in 2019. It would be considered unfair because the dog didn’t get the chance to announce consent to the marriage, but Elizabeth only read vows that the dog would definitely love including the promise to give him all the dog treats in the fridge and share all the cuddles on the couch with him. Elizabeth said the dog had saved her from her troubled dating life as she had saved him.

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A Hologram

“Society pressures you to follow a certain formula of love, but it might not make you happy,” Akihiko Kondo told CNN after he became a celebrity overnight. The attraction was his marriage to Hatsune Miku, a famous AI hologram in one of the strangest marriages ever witnessed. He was in love with the hologram for over a decade and decided to buy a Gatebox device displaying a 3D hologram of Miku to bring her closer to him. In 2018, he decided to make things official in a ceremony that raised mixed reactions online. He didn’t care about people’s opinion though as he believed he had only done what made him happy.

A Sex Doll

Yuri Tolochko is probably the most controversial bodybuilder in the world. In Dec 2019, he announced his engagement to Margo, an inflatable sex doll. However, the Covid 19 pandemic struck and he wasn’t able to marry the doll at first. Then Yuri got attacked at a transgender march and was forced to postpone his marriage a second time until November 2020 when he married the doll publicly in front of 30 witnesses. When asked whether he intended to live with Margo forever, he said he doesn’t think about the future. The most hilarious part was when he had to stay alone because Margo had to be taken for repairs.

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