Ten of The Craziest World Records Ever Attempted

Being the oldest person in the world or the tallest one will earn you a place in the Guinness World Records with little to no struggle. However, to set some world record, you have to put is some efforts, sometimes, more than others. It is prestigious to be known as the person that is best at something in the world, although sometimes people take it too far. Some records attempted by people are so crazy that they leave the world wondering whether a world record for these actions is really worth it in the first place.
Most Water Melons Chopped On The Stomach In A Minute

Most Water Melons Chopped On The Stomach In A Minute

Guinness recently scrapped their endurance section because of the danger it posed to participants but this one still happens. The race for having the most melons chopped on your stomach in a minute is one of the most interesting record in GWR. Having one guy with a long sharp knife chop melons over your stomach is crazy but Suresh P of Andhra Pradesh India lay on the table as Master Prabhakar Reddy chopped 64 melons on his belly. You have to get of the table without a scratch of course. It is probably the tensest minute of anyone’s life.

Biggest Swarm Of Bees Accumulated At A Time

Bees are nice when all you have to do is watch them from a distance and enjoy their honey. When you cross them, they will sting you and if it is African bees you are dealing with or if you have an allergy, they will kill you. Even if you don’t die, the very sound of millions of those little beasts buzzing around you is enough to scare you to death. Gao Bingguo, a Chinese bee farmer set a new record in 2015 when he had 1.1 million bees cover up his body in 2015. All you have to do is get the queen on your body and the bees will come.

Longest Time Spent While On Fire

For this to work, you need a dedicated support team around to put out the fire before you get burned. The record is one of the most dangerous but still very interesting as it is followed by millions of people from around the world. Joe Toedtling, a stuntman set the record in 2017 when he managed to stay aflame for 5 minutes and 41 seconds. The record is for specialists only though as you have to apply an accelerant on yourself and ensure the fire is put out once the accelerant before your flesh becomes the fuel.

The Most Kicks In The Nuts

There are lots of painful things in the world but none beats the pain men feel when kicked in the nuts. It is so excruciating that a person can’t stand or even think properly when it happens which is why it would be crazy for anyone to volunteer for such a record. World records are all about doing the impossible though, hence the many attempts to break this record. Sachin Solanki withstood getting kicked in the nuts continuously for 30.32 seconds. He holds what most would call the most painful GWR ever held.

Longest Time Spent While Buried Alive

This record was tragic in 2012 when it got a man killed before he could set the record. It was not sanctioned by GWR because they consider it dangerous and reckless endangering of life. Janaka Basnayake, a Sri Lankan man had family and friends bury him in a 10ft trench at 9.30 am hoping to be exhumed alive at 4 pm but he didn’t make it. He was trying to break a previous world record set by people whose graves weren’t sealed up.

Most Bikes Ridden Over While Lying On A Bed Of Nails

All records involving a bed of nails are crazy but none beats getting run over by bikes while lying on one. The record is actually 70 set by Burnaby Orbax in 2015 in what was seen as the craziest world record ever attempted by anyone. Now the bikes didn’t have to run directly over his skin as they got a metal bridge for that but 70 is still huge and surviving it unscathed was a total miracle.

Fastest Time Pushing An Orange With Your Nose For A Mile

Why would anyone kneel down to push an orange with their nose for a mile? Well, a world record is a big thing so someone decided to set this record. The trick is getting the roundest orange you can lay your hands on and the most perfect terrain you can get. The record is 22 mins 42 seconds set by Keith Furman, aka Ashrita one of the most famous stuntmen in the world. Someone is bound to break it soon though.

The Most Layered Bed Of Nails Sandwich

This is not an edible sandwich, just a group of human beings stacked on top of one another with the bottom one subjected to a lot of weight and pain. Now GWR call this the most layered 1-inch bed of nails sandwich, but whether it doesn’t make it any less crazy. It involves people laying on top of one another with a board fitted with nails sticking between them. The nails are on your chest so the pain cannot be avoided. The number is currently nine set by Vispy Kharadi the Indian daredevil and his team of martial artists in 2019.

The Highest Free Fall Jump From Space

Any type of free fall is dangerous, forget the parachutes, they fail all the time. However, falling from the stratosphere over 135,000 feet above the ground is just too dangerous for anyone to attempt. The record was set by Alan Eustace, a Google engineer in 2014. The same record was previously held by the Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner. In 1966, Nick Piantanida, an untrained astronaut attempted the jump but it ended tragically.

Longest Distance Thrown In A Car Accident

No, this is not a record anyone would attempt with their eyes open unless it is an accident. On the morning of Oct 26 2001, Mathew McKnight stopped to help accident victims in Monroeville when he got his by a car himself. The car was travelling at 70mph but it somehow managed to throw Mathew 118ft a record GWR had to include because no one had ever been thrown that far by a car, not as if anyone records. After dislocating both shoulders and breaking more bones than he could count, the poor man lived to tell the tale.

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