Even nerds like myself like to get engaged, and we have already seen 10 unusual ring boxes,  but this post is about what might be inside those boxes. These are the rings that nerds will give people and would love to receive. It doesn’t matter what sex you are, you are going to love them…



Top 10 Nerdy Engagement Rings

Dr Who Ring

10 – Dr Who

With the inscription “Together Forever Through Time & Space” (Said by the Eleventh Doctor) it is nerdy, nice and ever so romantic!

Top 10 Nerdy Engagement Rings

R2D2 Ring

9 – R2D2

Why not watch the new Starwars film then get engaged! Or if the film is rubbish you could ways sell the ring and make a new film yourself. They will both work out to be the same price.

Top 10 Nerdy Engagement Rings



It might be a blocky game, but there is nothing block shape about this ring (apart from the decals inside the ring.) What I really liked about this one is because is the clear resin style and the colourful bricks rather than plain gold or silver ones.

Top 10 Nerdy Engagement Rings

Playstation Ring

7 – PlayStation

It can be hard to make a gamer look at you while you propose, so why not do it in a language he or she understands with this Playstation themed engagement ring!

Top 10 Nerdy Engagement Rings

Harry Potter Ring

6 –  Harry Potter

With so many Harry Potter themed rings to choose from it was hard to decide which one I liked the most. But it was this one that stood out the most and it is quite cheap as well.

Top 10 Nerdy Engagement Rings

Pokemon Ring

5 – Pokemon

With a very distinct Pokeball top jewel and enough other jewels to make it binding to other Pokemon trainers, it is sure to win any battle of hearts.

Top 10 Nerdy Engagement Rings

Space Invaders Ring

4 –  Space Invaders

It might be a little bit bigger than space itself, but for some reason, I love this ring! Maybe it is the 8bit cube style of it that really makes it stand out.

Top 10 Nerdy Engagement Rings

Transformers Ring

3 – Transformers

Being a big fan of both the toys and the films, this is the one I would pick the most. With a Decepticon top to the engagement ring holding in the jewel, it is sure to be small, affordable and not transform into anything nasty when you least expect it.

Top 10 Nerdy Engagement Rings

Jake The Dog Ring

2 –  Jake

Why not swap some adventure time for some engagement time! Seriously this Jake the dog ring is enough to make anyone smile and accept marriage!

Top 10 Nerdy Engagement Rings

Star Trek Ring

1 – Star Trek

Shaped to look like the Starship Enterprise is this rather large but stunning ring. I am sure there will be a lot of people who think it looks ugly, but to me, it is a work of art.


Which one did you like?

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