Ten Unusual Ring Boxes That Would Make Any Proposal Perfect

When it comes to that special day that you propose to your loved one nothing should be overlooked. But for us men we often forget that women can “pop” the question as well! Traditionally it’s on the twenty-ninth of February (a leap year), but I think it’s becoming more popular for women to bite the bullet and ask anytime they like. But what sort of box should people (men and women) present the rings in? Well, if you are proposing to a nerd like me, one of these would go down rather nicely…



Toy Story Engagement Ring Box
Toy Story Engagement Ring Box

10 – If I was dating Andy’s mum…

It would take a very cold person to say “no!” when asked the big question with this as the ring presentation box. Featuring all our favourite Toy Story characters, it is sure to bring a smile to whoever it was presented to.

Multimedia LCD Digital Jewellery Ring Box

9 – The box that really can make the magic happen!

For half a grand of money, you want a very serious ring box, and this is it. Containing a 2″ screen, micro stereo speakers and over a gigabyte of memory! So it can show some amazing video clips, photos all while playing your lover’s favourite song! Now if that doesn’t seal the deal not a lot will!

Wall-E custom engagement ring box

8 – Don’t throw your marriage into the bin!

Now this is what I call impressive, this amazing custom-built wall-e-ring box is sure to win over the heart of almost anyone! Let us just hope that you make the right decision because you just can’t recycle a happy marriage.

Rare Vintage Red Beetle Car Ring Box Kawaii Cute

7 – Herbie says yes! (does anyone even remember Herbie!?!

Humble, cool, sweet and maybe even a little nerdy, this rather cool looking VW bug ring box bring a nice smile to the face and doesn’t cost the earth like most the others do.

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companion cube ring box

6 – Will you be my companion?

If I had known about this when I was making the blog post “Portal Cube Inspired Items” it might well have made the top 10! But I am more than happy to have included it in this one, a great way to propose and any Portal 2 fan is sure to say “yes!” once they see this.

Stargate Engagement Ring Box

5 – Why not team up with Col. Jack O’Neill and discover new worlds!

This is in fact just a rendering of what would, in fact, be a great idea. These “Stargate SG1” ring boxes might just be an idea but they are sure to engage perfectly with whoever is going to put their finger into the ring, or if you are going to marry a Goa’uld the “Chappa’ai”.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard Proposal ring box

4 – You light up my stars! Will you marry me?!?

You just couldn’t find a ring box that is any more simple, more deadly effective and cool all in one box. But this is, in fact, nothing more simple than a plain wooden ring box and a printed image of our favourite Next Gen captain with his classic “engage” pose! Sheer awesomeness.

Custom Bioshock Big Daddy Engagement Ring Box

3 – Getting proposed to is a real shock to the system!

This is right up there on the nerdy scale for sure! What you are looking at is Big Daddies (originally named Protectors from the Bio-Shock games) and they are genetically enhanced human beings who have had their skin and organs grafted into an enormous diving suit! What better way to say I love you eh!

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Super Mario Arcade ring box

2 – Game on!

There is just too much to love about this one, maybe it is how cool it is, or maybe that it was hand-made.

TARDIS Inspired Ring Box

1 – Don’t worry, all his assistants fall in love with him!

Did you know that once upon a time “The Doctor” did, in fact, wear a ring! It was said to be linked to the TARDIS. In the episode “The Daleks’ Master Plan” the Doctor says that his ring has ‘special properties’, and he uses it to repair the damaged TARDIS lock. Well, why not put your ring in this and make a Whovians dreams come true.

Author: Gus Barge

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