Ten Shallow and Frivolous Reasons Why People Divorced Their Spouses

Ten Shallow and Frivolous Reasons Why People Divorced Their Spouses

Divorce is always the hardest part of a marriage, and most couples will try as much as possible to avoid it. That is the reason why marriage counselling and temporary separation are encouraged whenever there are disagreements. However, most marriages still end in divorce. While unfaithfulness and abuse are the most sighted causes for divorce, some marriages end for far less. From people that divorce their spouses for supporting the opposing presidential candidate to those that don’t like the way their wives ‘eat.’ Here is a look at ten marriages that ended because of hilariously small differences.

The Baby Wasn’t Cute

Up until the time their daughter was born, Jian Feng, a Chinese man, and his wife had a very happy marital life. However, the baby was not what Mr Feng expected. She wasn’t as cute as his perfect wife, and even he got scared of his “ugly” daughter. He requested a DNA test, and it matched his own before his wife confessed to having undergone a $100,000 surgery in South Korea before she met him. It is not clear what was so wrong with the baby, but the court agreed to the divorce and ordered the wife to give Mr Feng $120,000 in settlement for marrying him under false pretence. It is not clear what happened to the baby afterwards.

He Voted For Donald Trump

Well, depending on your political inclination, you may find this either justified or not. However, people differ on political candidates all the time, but they don’t divorce their spouses of 22 years for it. Gayle McCormick divorced her long-term husband in 2016 when he heard that he had decided to vote for the controversial president. The Democrat-leaning ex-prison officer said that was the deal-breaker for her, and she just couldn’t live under the same roof with a Trump supporter.

He Used Too Much Toilet Paper

Another Redditor u/dizzylyingdown said her boss was divorced by his wife and that one of the reasons for leaving the marriage was because he used too much toilet paper. She was allegedly very thrifty and would listen in on her husband when he went to the toilet to monitor his paper usage.

Ten Shallow and Frivolous Reasons Why People Divorced Their Spouses

She Was Possessed by The devil

Can someone get possessed by the devil? Well, even if they do, it would be hard to prove it in court unless you can produce three witnesses, all saying they saw your wife levitate before falling to the ground. Some witnesses also confessed that the woman had knocked over a church pew and thrown it to the altar with one hand. The poor man was allegedly scared for his life after his wife’s frequent abnormal behaviour. The court granted the divorce on the grounds that the woman was strangely agitated because they couldn’t prove demonic possession.


A Saudi woman based in Jeddah made news in 2009 when she divorced her husband after discovering the name he saved her under on his phone. She called her husband’s phone when he left it with her and saw the name Guantanamo on the screen, and it was just too much for her. She couldn’t stand being called the notorious US prison. The husband tried to explain that he used the name because it was funny and that he didn’t want his friends to always know when his wife was calling, but that didn’t work.

He Didn’t Like Frozen

Who doesn’t like Frozen anyway? Allegedly, after this Japanese couple had watched the film, the husband asked the wife if she really thought it was that good. She just couldn’t stand him because, as far as she was concerned, only someone with a huge personality problem would say that. She moved out of their marital home and file for divorce shortly afterwards.

He Left Dishes In The Sink

Having a messy spouse can get onto your nerves more times than you may imagine, but in most cases, things can be talked over. Mathew Fray, a HuffPost contributor, thought that was the case each time his wife complained about having cups and dishes in the sink. He confessed that each time she found dirty dishes in the sink, she got closer and closer to leaving him until it finally happened. After the divorce, he decided to write about the small mistakes that led to his marriage breaking. The biggest problem is that his wife wasn’t willing to talk about it all along.

Ten Shallow and Frivolous Reasons Why People Divorced Their Spouses

He Cleaned Too Much

When women complain about their husbands, it is mostly because they are not clean enough, but that was different for this German woman. During the 15 years of their marriage, the woman had to put up with the man’s endless engagement in house chores cleaning everywhere and rearranging furniture. One day in 2009, the man knocked down a wat to their home and rebuilt it after it got dirty, and that was the breaking point. Christian Kropp, the judge that handled the divorce, said he had never seen a divorce hearing like it before.

He Wouldn’t Rub Her Feet

What would you do when your husband refuses to rub your feet? Well, according to this Redditor, you throw them out of the house, and in turn, they divorce you. So this Redditor Connidew’s dad, who has been married multiple times, divorced his wife because of that. He just wouldn’t give her a feet rub. It sounded like he was already fed up with the marriage anyway.

She Didn’t Look Beautiful Without Makeup

When you are engaged to your fiancé for six months before marriage, you would expect him to know what you look like without makeup, but allegedly this Dubai-based husband didn’t. According to the bride’s psychiatrist, the woman was left devastated after her husband divorced her. He had taken her to the beach for a swim which washed off her makeup, including her eyelashes, and she just didn’t look as pretty as the woman he had married. The bride had also received some cosmetic surgery to improve her looks but never told the husband about it. All efforts to convince the husband to cancel the divorce failed, and so the marriage ended, and the poor woman had to seek the psychiatrist’s help to deal with it.

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