Ten of The Most Bizarre Things That Happened At Weddings

Ten of The Most Bizarre Things That Happened At Weddings

Just how crazy can a wedding get? Well, maybe we should start with the bride who lost it at her wedding because the band was playing using an out of tune guitar. Another bride simply decided that blondes were not welcome at her wedding while another one chose to go full-blown Floyd Mayweather on her husband for unknown reasons. Brides aren’t the only drama queens at weddings though, some grooms also took things to a whole new level. Here is a look at recent weddings that witnessed the most bizarre occurrences.

The Wedding Reception That Got Rather “Lit”

It is always advisable to drink moderately even at events such as weddings. In most cases, the people that have to be reminded about how to behave with the bottle are guests but not in this case. This Reddit user was working as a waiter at a fancy wedding when the groom got too drunk and decided that the dance floor needed to be lit literally.

He smashed a bottle of cognac on the floor and tried to set it on fire. When people tried to stop him, he said that it was his wedding and he could do whatever he wanted, including setting the place on fire. Well, the police had to be called to “calm him down.”

Bride Who Exposed Her Cheating Fiancé At The Altar

What do you do when you discover that your husband to be is unfaithful on the night before your wedding day? In most cases, the bride would just call off the wedding and let it slide but not this one. So, this bride to be, Casey from Australia received a screenshot containing texts her husband had written to his lover and a note saying “I wouldn’t marry him.”

She decided to attend the wedding and pull out her phone at the altar to read out these messages instead of reading her vows. The angry husband to be stormed out of the wedding as Casey stayed to apologize to the confused guests for being the reason why there wouldn’t be a wedding there that day.

The Man Who Was Late At His Wedding To Fix A Satellite Dish

We still need the money even after exchanging our wedding vows, right? Well, Mr Effum Atteh from Ghana took that to a whole new level. While on his way to his wedding, he received a call from a client who wanted his satellite dish fixed.

He decided that the client was more important than being on time for his wedding so he decided to take a detour and fix the client’s satellite dish first. Photos of him fixing the dish on the roof in his wedding suit and his wife waiting restlessly at the church made rounds online all over the world raising mixed reactions from netizens.

The Crazy Samoan Wedding

So, this Reddit user was working a golf club that was hosting a rather weird Samoan wedding. First, the bride’s team had to order pizza from a restaurant, maybe because there was no food. Then the bride and groom had a fistfight probably after drinking too much. The bruises had to be patched up before the wedding. Then came the live band which was denied food and so the lead singer had to go out to get something to eat. Since he had had too much to drink, he got arrested for a DUI and thus had to use his one phone call to give an apology to the couple.

Reading The Wrong Bible Verse

Now, you know those uncles and aunties who like reading the bible so much and even when they can’t make it to the wedding, they will send their apologies and request someone to read a bible verse. So at this particular wedding, the bride’s uncle requested that someone read 1 John 4:18 “There is no fear in love and true love drives out fear.” The reader read John 4:18 instead “For you have had five husbands, and the man you now have is not your husband.” That must have ended badly!

Ten of The Most Bizarre Things That Happened At Weddings

Leaving The Bride At The Reception

The reception is always the best part of any wedding as the bride and groom get to bond with the families and friends. If planned right, a reception gives the couple a time of their life away from all the rules of the altar. This particular groom however didn’t like something about the reception and just decided that it wasn’t for him. He drove his newlywed wife to the reception and left her there so she had to sit by herself at the table. No dance, no drinks, no nothing for the poor lady as she watched the rest of the people have the time of their lives at her wedding.

Marrying Two Brides At The Same Wedding

Polygamy is a common practice in Africa, but even there, you don’t find two women getting married to one man at the same wedding ceremony every day. Tom Mako, a Maasai man from Kajiado in Kenya got married to Elizabeth Simaloi and Joyce Tikoiyan on the same day in their traditional Maasai wedding. The shocking part is that the two women aged 25 and 23 respectively were all smiles as they tied the knot in the threesome.

The Owl Delivering The Ring

So Sghian-dhu a Reddit user was attending this wedding where the couple decided that an owl would be the best messenger to bring the rings. The owl came flying to the altar when it was time to deliver the rings came, but then there was a problem. A mirror at the altar confused the poor bird which flew past the couple straight into the wall. Then came the burning candles under the mirror which the poor guy slid into after smashing into the mirror and things were getting rather tragic.

The Vase Crashes After ‘I Do’

Little girls are always the best at delivering the rings. The only problem is that they get bored rather quickly after doing their job, so if you can’t keep them busy, they will always find something to do. That is what happened at this wedding that was happening in a cathedral. As the vows went on, the little bored girl started pulling at a table cloth which was also holding an expensive vase on top of the table. The whole congregation could only watch as the vase got closer and closer to the edge of the table. Seems like no one did anything about it as the vase hit the ground just after the words ‘I do.’

The Zombie Themed Wedding

DeAngelo Williams the NFL player wasn’t content with the fun ending just after walking down the aisle and saying I do. He and his wife Risalyn decided to include the fun from The Walking Dead, their favourite show, into the wedding. He hired a makeup artist to dress him and his bride up like a zombie and have all the guests at the wedding chasing after them to make things more lively.
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