Ten Pictures of Cats Wearing Wigs to Cheer Up Any Bad Hair Day

I’m lucky enough to have my mother’s hair. It’s strong, slow-growing and mostly neat and tidy (I am going grey as well, but I kind of like it!) but some people are not as lucky as me. I have several friends in their 40’s who are going bald or have already gone bald, but none of them seem to care, they have simply accepted it is going to happen and there is nothing they can do about it. Maybe like these animals they should consider wearing a wig…


BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Facts About Wigs


Cat wearing a wig
Cat wearing a wig

10 – What do you call a man with 3 planks on his head? Edward Woodward!

FACT: More wigs were made for LOTR: The Two Towers film than all the rest of the films the made in the same month!

Cat wearing a wig

9 – What do you call a man with a car on his head? Jack!

FACT: In 1765 there is a major protest by wigmakers who demanding certain professions should be forced to wear wigs, like judges, doctors and police!

Cat wearing a wig

8 – What do you call a man with a lavatory on his head? Lou!

FACT: If you look up the word “wig” in the official Oxford English Dictionary is says this “A wig is a kind of bun or small cake made of fine flour!”

Cat wearing a wig

7 – What do you call a woman with two lavatories on her head? Lulu!

FACT: There are hieroglyphics to suggest the ancient Egyptians wore wigs around 350BC because a shaven head kept them free of head lice.

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Cat wearing a wig

6 – What do you call a woman with a bunch of holly on her head? Carol!

FACT: If the very first known mention of an actual head wig is way back in 1664 by someone called Samuel Pepy, he writes “Home to the only Lenten supper I have had of wiggs and ale.”

Cat wearing a wig

5 – What do you call a woman with a cat on her head? Kitty!

FACT: One of the most famous wig wearers is of course Mozart who only wore it to cover a deformity of his left ear and not his hair because he had a full head of it!”

Cat wearing a wig

4 – What do you call a man with a map on his head? Miles!

FACT: The ceremonial wig of Queen Elizabeth I was made of real human hair and was one of the heaviest ever made weighing 30KG!

Cat wearing a wig

3 – What do you call a man with a car number plate on his head? Reg!

FACT: When you call someone a “bigwig” it comes from all those large wigs you see in the courts and law house.

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Cat wearing a wig

2 – What do you call a woman with a tortoise on her head? Shelley!

FACT: Not only did Queen Elizabeth I have one of the heaviest wigs ever made in the World she also had the largest collection of any member of the royal family, said to have a rather impressive set of over 150 different wigs in various styles and colours.

Cat wearing a wig

1 –  What do you call a man who with a coat on his head? Mac!

FACT: The word “Wig” is actually short for the word “periwig” and this was the name of the guy who invented the first commercially accepted wigs back in 1675.

Author: Gus Barge

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